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    Who's tired of waiting on ESEE's stainless line?

    +1! I would buy a ESEE-3 , and a Izula in 440C. I'm also waiting for the Izula Folder.
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    1000 Post Giveaway *Winner Announced!*

    I'm in! Thanks for the chance! I currently have been carrying a Spyderco Endura Wave!.
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    What's the HEAVIEST folder you carry and why?

    Spyderco Endura Wave, 3.6 oz, strong, long, light and fast blade!
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    Stud, Disc, Hole, Flipper?

    me too!!!! +1!!!
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    My first Spyderco: Initial impressions of a Delica 4

    I own the bigger brother of the Delica. the Endura Wave and it is wonderful!
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    The perfect folding knife

    Spyderco Endura Wave!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Endura 4

    I own a Endura wave, just a word: Wonderful!!!!!!!!
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    500 Post Giveaway! Winner Announced!

    I´m in! thanks!
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    Izula folder

    What he said! +1!
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    Esse Izulu Giveaway.

    I love blade forums! Thanks!
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    Favorite Quotes from non-knife people.

    -Q: "Why do you carry a knife?" -A: Why not?
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    Emerson CQC-7 ?

    what he said +1! cqc-8, cqc-10, cqc-13 or cqc-15 are much better options imho.
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    I need your help again

    I vote for #2.
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    Leek_Freak 1000 post give away (2 winners, 10 choices for the prize!) - Ends May 4th!

    Thanks! My favorite folder knife: Benchmade Griptilian. My favorite fixed knife: Mora Clipper 860.
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    Opinion Poll: Top 3 Manufacturers

    Folders: -Spyderco -Benchmade -Kershaw Fixed: -Fallkniven -Bark River -Ka-Bar
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    Strider Knives. Why So Much?

    what he said!