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  1. SaintlyBrees

    Requesting a status on the application for a sub-forum for Kizer Cutlery

    Looking forward to the Kizer forum. I currently have 3 Kizers with plans to buy more over time. Absolutely love my Dorado Skully. :)
  2. SaintlyBrees

    Kizer Knives

    Just purchased my 3rd Kizer - the Matt Cuccharia Dorado Skully (forefront of pic below). I am now 3 for 3 in terms of quality and F&F. I'll buy more as they continue to manufacture knives of this quality. :)
  3. SaintlyBrees

    knifeworks.com (misunderstanding)

    Knifeworks is one of my 3 preferred dealers. I have literally spent thousands with KW and have nothing but praise for them. And on the couple of occasions where I have needed to use their CS, they have been professional and customer centric. Great folks to do business with.
  4. SaintlyBrees

    Yojimbo 2 CPM-S90V / CF (review and pics added!)

    Mine too. This knife is easily my favorite, and most used, knife in my collection. I have nothing bad to say about it. I bought mine when KW first released them and it has only grown in favor with time and use. And, OP, great review. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put it together...
  5. SaintlyBrees

    how to reverse bad feedback left for a memder

    Only Spark can reverse feedback. PM him and/or post in the Tech Support, General Q&A, Site Feedback & More forum. Then be very, very patient. It will take him awhile to get to it. Hope that helps. :)
  6. SaintlyBrees

    midtechs, whats the point

    Instead of speculating, here is what Ken Onion actually had to say on the subject (he created the term) in this forum back in 2004 (I added the bold): That should put his opinion in clear perspective. :) To me, it is pretty simple. I judge each knife on its own merits, regardless of...
  7. SaintlyBrees

    Ethelred - Unprofessional and Bad Sales Experience

    Well said for the most part. Leaving a PP address in any public place (forum, etc.) can result in spam and unwanted attention to your PP address. I only provide my email addresses via PM or email. Absolutely not a good idea to publicly post any personal info.
  8. SaintlyBrees

    Ethelred - Unprofessional and Bad Sales Experience

    Did you take the time to let the seller know that you would not be able to pay right away? If not, consider that you bear half of the communication responsibilities and letting the seller know that there would be a slight delay before payment is only polite and responsible. I can't see where he...
  9. SaintlyBrees

    Trade evaluation. please help!

    It depends. Trades are, IMHO, more of a personal matter and in the case of knives (unless you're a flipper) the one thought that should enter your decision in every trade is: "Do I want the new knife more than the one that I am trading away?" If the answer to that is "yes" then it is a good...
  10. SaintlyBrees

    Recover my transfer?

    FWIW, one can find out all about Skrill with a simple Google search. No TOS reading needed. All in plain English. I would have certainly looked up someone like this before I would have used their services. It only makes sense to do so and I do a bit of research with all significant...
  11. SaintlyBrees

    Red Angel Dragnet - Christopher Blair - BEWARE!

    In addition, back in November, OakvilleTrading left RAD negative feedback as well. Have no idea what that was all about or if RAD actually did anything wrong, but in this sales thread (the subject of the neg rep) RAD removed the text from all of his posts within the thread after he received the...
  12. SaintlyBrees

    Educate Me

    Some of us <cough> "older" guys grew up carring smaller knives because, for the most part, that was what was available. You use what you are comfortable with. While I own quite a few 3.5" - 4" folders I usually carry something smaller. If I want larger, I'll carry a fixed blade instead of a...
  13. SaintlyBrees

    Kershaw Skyline in Damascus steel or Spyderco Sage?

    I also own both - and in fact collect Skylines - and would suggest the Sage. But if you decide to go with the Skyline anyway, take a look at the exclusive Blade HQ versions. They have CF handles and S30V steel.
  14. SaintlyBrees

    WINNER ANNOUNCED -- GIVEAWAY! Fifteen Years at Bladeforums

    I'm in and congratulations on your 15 years!
  15. SaintlyBrees

    ZT0200 flipping action?

    I bought mine from Craytab. Indeed, the detent is a little weak which is why it is slow as mentioned in post #2, above. Cleaned and lubed it just a tad and it works great now - aside from the detent. Love the knife. :)
  16. SaintlyBrees

    it wasn't true. i did post at hoodep's threads only after he disappeared, while still

    It should be the beginning and end of the issue. The wording that was agreed to even included the words "all risk". Not some risk, not everything except insurance, all risk. The seller probably shouldn't have made the deal at all, but he did contingent on the buyer assuming all risk. The buyer...
  17. SaintlyBrees

    ZT0200 flipping action?

    I don't need any wrist action with mine. It is a nice flipper - a bit slower than some but smooth as silk and no blade play of any kind. :)