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    Latest canoe trip (pic heavy)

    Half rotted piece of plywood. The table was there already, we just fixed it up a bit.
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    Latest canoe trip (pic heavy)

    It was a great site, except for all the dumped glass and mattress springs right behind the site :( Other people suck sometimes lol.
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    Anyone notice fading to FFG Delica 4 scales?

    My green one is about that old, maybe even older, and still looks fine. Maybe you's see lots of sun?
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    Norinco 213?

    Norinco firearms have quite a following up here in Canada. Lots of haters just because there Chinese but if it dosn't bother you, there good guns. I'm buying a Nork M14 soon, cant wait for it. On the whole: the fit and finish isn't the best, but there's a reason there popular up here- there a...
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    Fake Spyderco

    Common guys, it says Spyderco right on it, what more do you need? You guys are just being a bunch of know it alls- you don't know for sure it's fake. :D
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    What other forums do you participate in?

    Here and Canadian gun nutz. I don't spend much time on the internet.
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    Earlier Model Spyderco Clipit Endura

    I don't think it has that much collector interest, but it's a great find for a flea market and would look great in any collection! It looks like it's in good shape so you may not want to use it if you like to collect, but otherwise im sure it'll make a great user.
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    Gun Porn Thread

    Nice FN2000. I'd love to get one if the funds would allow.
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    Does carbon steel taste funny?

    Yeah, SS tastes better but it's real hard your teeth. Your dentist will thank you if you stick with softer carbon.
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    Things you find in the woods thread

    I was looking at deer tracks a while ago and I found a German 9805 bayonet (1916) sunk in the mud :) It has since been cleaned up nicely.
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    April Fools!

    I'll take it. Thanks for the chance!
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    Scared of my new flashlight batteries! Help please.

    Great! Thanks a lot for the help guys! I'll still becareful not to over charge them, and I was checking every hour or so to make sure the nothing was getting hot. I guess I'll get a multi-meter just so see where everythings at. I dont think I'll return what I got, as I got everything in...
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    Scared of my new flashlight batteries! Help please.

    So on the weekend I got my first good light. A Fenix PD31. I also picked up a pair of 18650 batteries because I wanted rechargeables and the store didn't have cr123's. Anyways, the (store owner) told me that ultra fire was the brand of these recomended by the Fenix rep, so I spent the $100 for...
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    Battle rifles

    Nice! I'm saving my pennies for an M14 :D
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    How would a G-10 military fair in...

    It'll be fine, I carry mine with an uncoated blade in my pocket all winter while hunting. It gets wet and stays that way for hours untill I get back home. Even then, all I do it wipe it off on my pants.
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    Centofante 3...

    The shaved FRN is normal. If your knife is locking up fine, and the blade isn't actually touching the liner when closed dont worry about it and enjoy your knife. Keep an eye on it, if in a month it's closer to the liner than it was before you may want to e-mail Spyderco, but in the mean time...
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    I get all mine from knivesshipfree.com really great site, $5 shipping to Canada and they have lots of great stuff. I love the blaze orange for lanyards on my hunting knives :) MTguy: Where do you get locally? I'v been looking for a while.
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    Bull-pup shotgun!!

    So, I can't be the only person on here who really really wants one of these: http://www.slickguns.com/product/kel-tec-unveils-new-ksg-dual-tube-pump-shotgun-0 14+1 rounds of Canadian legal goodness :eek: This looks like it will be a really fun toy, probably out of my price range for now but...
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    How many look to a pocket?

    Greg, It sounds like there's something wrong with your child's friends parents, and you son would probably be better off without their influence. What other people think is 'right' should be no concern of a law abiding citizen, but I know your son may not feel that way about his friends...
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    How many look to a pocket?

    Every day I carry a knife, and not a SAK or something thats really sheeple friendly either. I carry a Delica 4 (or similar sized spydero) normally. If im back from any kind of outdoors activity I have a fixed blade on my belt and a large folder (military or similar) in my pocket. This includes...