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  1. Mistman68

    Flipper fumble

    I've had that happen a couple times and I always revert to 2 hand opening, I don't even think about it. Had to pull my Zaan out and deploy quickly w/real messy hands. Before I even pulled it out I knew one handed was going to be an issue so I just grabbed the blade and pulled it out w/my free...
  2. Mistman68

    Buck 110 SPA TREATMENT Before and After

    Looks a little aggressive on the regrind but other than that pretty sweet!
  3. Mistman68

    Southern Grind sold to Diamondback Firearms

    I got a set of T6 screws from an Etsy seller, can't remember the name but I just looked and there are a couple different sellers offering them. Mine were direct replacements. Soo much nicer than the snake eye's. I broke 2 of the tools before I got fed up with them. Search Southern Grind...
  4. Mistman68

    Right Now!

    Spartan 3.25 SHF Warthog Damascus. Only one I can think of off the top of my head that has interested me of late but I missed the drop by 20 minutes :(
  5. Mistman68

    Final Price Drop Benchmade Mini Crooked River, Syderco Native 5 Salt & Endura

    I'll take the Mini Crooked River if it's still available.
  6. Mistman68

    Southern Grind sold to Diamondback Firearms

    I replaced my screws w/T6 Ti's. Those snake eye tools are junk. I broke the tines off 2 of them before I changed out the screws.
  7. Mistman68

    Southern Grind sold to Diamondback Firearms

    SG is pretty small potatoes compared to CS, not near the following. They only have a few models, production is limited to what a small shop can produce and relative to CS they're pretty new, don't have the history or Lynn. I don't think there are a lot of folks pining for a SG product, if you...
  8. Mistman68


    As far as finishes go I prefer SW. I have a couple WF blades (M390/20CV) and do occasionally get stains/spots/rust on them that need a little effort to remove. They also tends to scratch up more than the SW. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Mistman68

    PM2: A Little Ugly

    I used to think they we're pretty ugly but ugly doesn't turn me off if other attributes make up for it. I've had couple Para 2's, at 1st didn't care for them, then carried them a bit and warmed up somewhat. I gave my last one away a couple months ago, never even used that one. I still have an...
  10. Mistman68

    What is the holy trinity of knives?

    IMO Production - Base Buck Kershaw Case Production - Mid tier Spyderco Benchmade ZT Production - Upper tier Hinderer Olamic CRK Production - Top tier Shirogorov Koeneg ........ others
  11. Mistman68

    Hinderer Half Track

    Looks pre tri-way with a tanto grind.
  12. Mistman68

    Massdrop "dropping" knives and EDC gear

    One of their biggest fails was delivery. The most ridiculous, round the world, circuitous routes you could imagine. I got a couple gems from them in the early days. It got overdone, the deals weren't deals, communication and shipping slipped. It was a cool idea but not managed properly and got a...
  13. Mistman68

    What is your collection worth?

    As far as collections/hobbies go knife collecting is a relatively tame endeavor in terms of $$ spent and $$ realized if that's the aim of the collection. Personally I've never sold a knife but have gifted many. I would think if the collection is quality and mainstream and the items are in good...
  14. Mistman68

    Recommendation? GEC Fit and finish? One of my Barlow pins is sticking way up.

    From what I understand Navaho intentionally weave a flaw into their work, allows evil spirits to depart. Personally I would be ok with it, shows it's not cookie cutter and has had some individual attention, looks nice and smooth.
  15. Mistman68

    Knives you've seriously considered buying, but never pulled the trigger on

    Well, I've got to pull back the Spartan SHF, I've got a NW edition heading my way. Pretty stoked! Damn you @ChazzyP....... :p
  16. Mistman68

    Knives you've seriously considered buying, but never pulled the trigger on

    Spartan SHF. I've looked so many times. I love the cool scale graphics, it just seems like a USA made knife I should have. Honestly though the blade reminds me so much of a Buck 110 that I just haven't been able to pull the trigger. I don't understand why there's no sharpening choil, it's a...
  17. Mistman68

    WTS: Hinderer Eklipse 3.0 Blue SOLD

    Which blade would the Eklipse have? Tanto, spanto?? Is it SW or working finish? $500 US? Thanks.
  18. Mistman68

    The practice of loaning knives

    Yep. I have a couple friends who are into knives but priorities and circumstance prevent them from collecting. I trust them and know if something happened they'd make it right if I let them. We've been dirt riding/hunting partners for 20+ years. I've let them carry a knife for a couple months or...
  19. Mistman68

    CHRIS REEVE: Thumb- Numb- Zaan

    When I'm playing around w/mine I use the 'glass breaker' to open it once in a while also. Can almost thumb it open that way like a front flipper. A little more of a tab and you probably could.