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  1. 000Robert

    Steelophiles-what's so important about the type of steel?

    I want the best steels! Can't wait to get a CPK in MagnaCut.
  2. 000Robert

    Scary and impressive gun accident

    Man, he's lucky to be alive! Glad to see that he pulled through.
  3. 000Robert

    Random Thought Thread

    That is pretty cool! I don't think that I would want to get hit in the jaw with that hand...
  4. 000Robert

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    You can ask for a proxy on the proxy thread. I have proxied for a few guys and scored them some knives and one boot dagger.
  5. 000Robert

    Do not buy from Hinderer Knives

    The photo is too small to really see anything. It seems like people that complain about things tend to have a habit of using small or lousy photos.
  6. 000Robert

    Do not buy from Hinderer Knives

    You mean that a Bigfoot type photo is unacceptable?
  7. 000Robert

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    That's good to hear. Most churches I have heard about are sitting duck zones.
  8. 000Robert

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    I wouldn't have anything to do with a church that has a "no weapons" policy. I'm not going to be a sitting duck for anyone. But here is my bug in knife - My gorgeous Carothers U/F in D3V with ECAM scales.
  9. 000Robert

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    None. I don't have a bug out bag because I ain't going to bug out and get stuck in a traffic jam like all those that do bug out.
  10. 000Robert

    Late Grandfathers Knife

    Alas, we still can't see it...
  11. 000Robert

    Late Grandfathers Knife

    The easiest way to post photos is to purchase a membership and post photos straight from your photo gallery. I always compress my photos first to help save space on the BFC servers.
  12. 000Robert

    Bad BHQ Customer Credit Card Data Breach 2021

    I think it's both credit or debit. A lot of times I am asked if I want to run the card as credit, or debit. I don't know all of the particulars, I just know that I get reimbursed for fraudulent charges and my bank always goes to bat for me.
  13. 000Robert

    Bad BHQ Customer Credit Card Data Breach 2021

    I've had a debit card hacked 2 times and I was reimbursed both times. It took a couple of days to get my money back but it wasn't a big deal.
  14. 000Robert

    Bad BHQ Customer Credit Card Data Breach 2021

    I hate to hear that. Glad that I didn't buy or do anything during that period.
  15. 000Robert

    world knife shortage

    Yep. I think that I've seen over 100 Microtech's sold here on the forum in the last few weeks. There have been many RMK's and all kinds of knives sold here. I don't think that the OP has been looking very hard.
  16. 000Robert


    Congratulations! I'll be glad when I can say that.
  17. 000Robert

    Bearings For Benchmade Anthem

    Have you checked here?
  18. 000Robert

    Bad Blade HQ Shipping times

    You're probably correct. I wouldn't complain publicly about something or someone unless it was something that I thought was pretty important.
  19. 000Robert

    Fancy Scales Thread. A CPK picture show

    Those scales look gorgeous!
  20. 000Robert

    Burr formation best practices

    Depending on what the angle of the edges are, I would reprofile the edges down a dps or two. If I wanted to keep the same angle then I would sharpen the edge till I reached a burr all the way across. Keep in mind what the edges look like and make sure they look even on both sides. I would...