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  1. Lesknife

    Buck 124 vs Buck 120 PRO

    Aside from abuse there shouldn’t be any problem of chipping or any of the problems you listed with either one. If you are going to use it for camping and making light kindling i would rather use the 124 and I have because it’s a heavier knife and full external tang. The 120 makes for a good...
  2. Lesknife

    Buck 119 in s 30v rosewood edition custom vs 119 in s35 vn micarta scale, which one to buy,price is about same???

    I’ve used both and they are very close in overall performance. The S35vn will take a nice keen edge because it has a finer grain structure and just a bit easier to sharpen using diamond sharpeners. The s30v might be a little better edge retention cutting tough materials but not much. I think...
  3. Lesknife

    Steelophiles-what's so important about the type of steel?

    D2 is a good general purpose steel but it has a low resistance to corrosion. If you work around corrosive materials or substance a true stainless steel with higher corrosive resistance is more suitable. There’s a reason why there are different steels.
  4. Lesknife

    Buck X-Tract

    Rubber and some soft synthetic types of rubber like materials can be reactive to some chemicals and substance and can soften or melt it and others can dry it out and it cracks or crumbles over time. I don’t mind rubber on some items but I’d rather have a textured micarta or stabilized wood or a...
  5. Lesknife

    Steelophiles-what's so important about the type of steel?

    For one thing I don’t have to validate my reasons why I want and need a super steel knife to someone who doesn’t understand why and makes light of it. Secondly if you don’t work in a harsh environment or with tough abrasive materials then you wouldn’t have a clue why or need for a better steel...
  6. Lesknife

    Perception and needs

    First thing I’ve learned is perceptions are many times flawed depending on the person with a perception you are dealing with and the culture they were trained in. Law enforcement officers are no different in that regard. And some people extend their perception into something unlawful based on...
  7. Lesknife

    Different Look and Feel Forum

    There are some new buttons for quick access and navigation that make it easier to get around to where I want to go. And the thread finder buttons are a breeze. It’s just a matter of getting familiar with the new set up and personalizing how I want it to look. So far this is a good change and...
  8. Lesknife

    Different Look and Feel Forum

    yea I’m using an iOS, iPad and iPhone. It’s been since 2014 my hp laptop got hijacked by a ransom virus and was gonna cost more than a new one to get it fixed so I quit using it and went with my wireless. Haven’t had any problems with viruses or anything since. The lightning bolt takes you to...
  9. Lesknife

    Different Look and Feel Forum

    This is my first post since the change. Im getting used to it but it seems I have to scroll more to the different headings. Maybe in a week or two they will have things all fixed and the bugs gone. It is much faster now and I like the lightning bolt to new posts that is nice. It’s been a busy...
  10. Lesknife

    san diego 112 or 110 owners

    This is a different Paul brown, he just joined 11 days ago. This could be interesting. 😄
  11. Lesknife

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Mine was here when I got home from work and thankfully the mail carrier put it in the vestibule out of plane sight so that’s a big relief. The edge grind is acceptable, it could be more even but not to far off and not nearly as wonky as some I’ve seen. It does have the grind marks on the edges...
  12. Lesknife

    BOTM thoughts

    Yes what Fixall says. I can sharpen my S30V,s35vn,20cv and other super steels with my diamond sharpener just about as easy as the 420hc on regular stones. and yes I know Bucks 420hc is very good for 420 grade steel. But I also use my knives at work in very harsh conditions and on the farm...
  13. Lesknife

    Buck numbers

    I don’t know how many per year but They are still making and selling them, sorry that’s all I know.
  14. Lesknife

    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I don’t mind the titanium aluminum nitride coating like is on my buck 110 and 192 vanguard Alaskan guide. It’s a hard and very durable pvd that is smooth, slick and cleans off like a nonstick surface. It don’t really need the coating for corrosion protection as they’re s30v blades. It’s a dark...
  15. Lesknife

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Oh I didn’t mention that I haven’t received any confirmation or shipping notice. The vantage botm was the same I never heard anything until it just showed up on my front steps in plain view from the street. I was working late that day so I’m glad no bandit saw it. Usually the mail carrier will...
  16. Lesknife

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Mine isn’t here yet, hopefully it will be delivered today. I’m a bit tensed like a kid about to get a whipping on how the edge is ground and the finish after seeing others posted pictures and complaints. That’s a sad way for a loyal paying customer to be. I’ve only had one 303 that the spey...
  17. Lesknife

    Surprise News at Buck ?

    @Fixall The same questions linger in my mind to and a few other questions. I won’t rehash them here but I’ll probably always have this in the back of my mind and that’s not good for customer relations. I hope things will shape up in a good way.
  18. Lesknife

    BOTM thoughts

    I should have worded that to say the type of collector that is only concerned about the high value popular items that move fast instead of the brand, type or model which they find interesting for what they are and not just a hot item. Yes collectors are an important part of the brand name...
  19. Lesknife

    BOTM thoughts

    I’m not just a collector, I like to use a good knife too at work and outdoors activities. The exclusiveness or hard to find only interest the collectors, flippers and scalpers. And what do they use those super steel blades for that can cut like nothing before? and upgrade materials that are...
  20. Lesknife

    Damascus Stag 110’s

    I forgot to mention that mine is not stainless and a few times it developed a rusty haze on the surface that cleaned right off with some Kroil penetrating oil. I’ve used it many times field dressing and processing deer. I lost count and for various other critters. It can take a screaming sharp...