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  1. benchrest308

    CPK Behemoth Chopper

    That looks soo good! Congrats man.
  2. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    Really enjoyed the micro level of the blade. Thought it cool enough to share.
  3. benchrest308

    CPK Boot Daggers

    I'll take it off your hands to help save your marriage. It's the least I can do.
  4. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    @Nathan the Machinist no Rolex?!
  5. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    I'll need it. It is a significant challenge. They are into the Rolex submariner price range now, but I do have an affinity towards Japanese design. Rolex spend money on marketing, grand seiko spend it on their dials. As an aside, I never knew Rolex is registered as a nonprofit organization...
  6. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    @StoneAndSteel may I recommend the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical? 38mm, 24 hr dial, decent movement (I think an ETA), and a nice historical background. Or, perhaps, the Citizen Eco-Drive 180 Day-Date? Eco-Drives are rather robust and it's cost effective enough to replace if needed.
  7. benchrest308

    Steel Flame Killbox

    This still available?
  8. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    My first watch of significant value with be a grand seiko. I've been trying to locate an SBGY003 at a reasonable price, but they have been getting value every year.
  9. benchrest308

    What are you watching & why? (splain)

    Watching Final Space because I'm a man child and like cartoons heh.
  10. benchrest308

    What are you watching & why? (splain)

    A Serbian Film. No contest, the worst movie. I absolutely DO NOT recommend watching this. I don't recommend looking up the premise. Just take my word for it; there is nothing worse.
  11. benchrest308

    Gear Thread

    Oh man, that looks great.
  12. benchrest308

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    I love this movie and the GT40
  13. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    Nice day for a nice cigar
  14. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

  15. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    Wait.... THREE!?!?! HOW? Argh! Words cannot convey my envy.
  16. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    Oh my goodness. I recall the original post about the poop knife story.
  17. benchrest308

    Random Thought Thread

    I found a 2017 GS1200 with 900km for $25k. My woman would not be happy if I came home with that. Nor would my father, a harley man for decades (of disappointment).
  18. benchrest308

    Pre-order for the new Kephart?

    Ooo. Any WIP pics of this @Nathan the Machinist ? I do enjoy your WIP write ups and I sincerely doubt I'm the only one. Heck. Any WIP of anything you have. I won't limit a request just to this. Feed me.
  19. benchrest308

    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    I need an OG skinner in my life.
  20. benchrest308

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    I do this as well, but I am still a long way away.