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    What watch do you wear?

    This week it's my Steinhart GMT sub homage. This one is 42mm, has the ETA 2892 movement.
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    Spyderco's and Benchmade (PRICE DROP)

    How did you get the S30V blade in the orange scales?
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    I somewhat agree with you, it has put a serious dent into my enjoyment of the hobby. I chased a lot of sprints and exclusives because I'm a user and I wanted to buy knives that I thought would work better. I managed to get a few, and I missed a lot, but Spyderco in particular has made a lot of...
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    Well its time to start thinking about knife storage. Sigh

    I don't have anything on display, most are in the closet. Check your local sporting goods store, even Walmart, in the fishing department. There are a lot of flat clear snap storage boxes for fishing gear, lures, worms, etc. Find one with compartments the size that you need. I have a couple...
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    **SOLD** Luminox Atacama Field Watch

    This is a Luminox Atacama Field Watch model 1924. I can find a lot of the 1920 series on the internet but most have straps and are not stainless steel, this one seems to be pretty rare. The dial is dark blue but has some iridescent reflection in some light, in other light it looks almost black...
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    **ALL SOLD** Manix 2 gray Cruwear, Manix 2 LW orange S90V, OD Green Tenacious

    FS only, no trades. First "I'll take it" has priority. All rights reserved. Shipping by post office priority mail. Spyderco Manix 2 Cruwear diamond gray G10 C101GPGY2 I am the original owner. I carried this in my EDC rotation and used it lightly but it still has the factory sharp edge. I...
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    tabletop organizer

    Here is the latest prototype. After how well the one worked for the sofa table I decided to make one for my desk. My desk had the same problem- things would be hard to find, typically underneath something else and maybe covered by papers, there wasn't much space on the desk and nothing had its...
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    Gun Stuff (what to get)

    It doesn't take much space to set up if you are motivated to do it. A press can bolt to a bench on about 6" x 6" of space, or you can even bolt the press to a piece of board and then clamp the board to the bench with a couple of c-clamps, then remove it when not in use. A small folding table...
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    What watch do you wear?

    This week I'm wearing my Steinhart Ocean Black. It came with a black bracelet but I've worn it since day one on ZULU straps. I like it on this navy blue strap. This week is 42mm with an ETA 2824 movement.
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    Show how you used your Spyderco today.

    No photos but I was repairing our yard sprinkler. I dug a big hole and replaced a cracked elbow on a 1 1/4" PVC supply line. In the process I nicked a signal wire for one of the valves. I used my Manix2 LW Rex45 to shave off some insulation to find the broken conductor so I could splice it.
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    Fixed blade epiphany.

    The laws have changed so you might want to research that. I wasn't aware that "dirks" and "daggers" were now allowed. I understand that there are still a few restrictions on carrying larger blades. I have not remembered the restrictions because I don't tend to carry large fixed blades, and...
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    Pm2 rex 45

    I see very few come up for sale. OTOH M4 and K390 are somewhat similar and are easier to find at reasonable prices. I think the Manix 2 LW in Rex45 is about the perfect work knife for me. The only thing I can think of that would be better (but maybe not better as a work knife) would be a PM2...
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    There is the old saying- "2 is 1 and 1 is none". Or the other old saying "a pair and a spare". I have bought several pairs over the years, one to use and one as a backup. Later when I bought more new knives I started selling some of my backups. In effect I had 2 different versions of PM2 in...
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    Spyderco tenacious - any love here

    I have a Tenacious and I think it is a good knife, nicer than its price would indicate. I normally carry PM2 and Manix2 in steels like M4, Rex45, K390 and S110V, but I went camping last week and carried my Tenacious instead.
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    Best fixed blade for EDC?

    I carry a particular blade shape for EDC use and the closest to what I like in a fixed blade would be a Bradford Guardian. I have the 3" version but maybe 3.5 would be better for me.
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    Opinion: Frame Locks are Ugly

    I don't mind framelocks and I've owned a few. I don't like the styling where they put a sculpted/colored scale on one side and the other side is a flat slab of Ti. That does look unfinished to me. One of my framelocks was a ZT 0561 with sculpted G10 scale on one side, and identically sculpted...
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    Help please, pins won't fit hardened blade pin holes

    Try a stone in the dremel to enlarge the holes in the blade
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    Do you ever laugh out loud at the knife tests run by "expert" Youtube knife jockeys?

    I thought the tests done by the hockey mask guys were sometimes informative. These days I seem to be lucky in my choice of YouTube testers- they all do actual cutting tests.
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    Fixed blades for sale

    Hello mr. CV- I’m sorry I didn’t respond. I had one chance to respond before I went back off the grid and I forgot. I’m glad you had another buyer.