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  1. jstrange

    Show off your GEC Acrylics

    This would be my dream GEC!
  2. jstrange

    Gigi Sechi , Italy

    Yes you always post the nicest stuff.
  3. jstrange

    Asher Knives Nomad Framelock

    Looks nice. Where is it made?
  4. jstrange

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    I get it, and will politely now out from here on out. I understand the idea that this is the manufacturers home and negativity can be seen as rude and disrespectful. With that said, if everybody only commented on what the like about the knife at best, or simply remained silent, how would they...
  5. jstrange

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    Yes, I would have. I'll go you one further, I most likely would have bought one. No problem with Taiwan at all.
  6. jstrange

    Attention First BF knife post!! Post once only!! Read Post #1!!

    I would definitely be down for one this year. This is one pattern I really like and I don’t even care what the covers are. Thanks to those making this possible.
  7. jstrange

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    That's a real nice size for me. Im a sucker for single blade traditional knives that size.
  8. jstrange

    Svord Peasant Liner Lock

    Anyone know someplace that actually lists the liner-lock version yet?
  9. jstrange

    Svord Peasant Liner Lock

    That looks really cool. I’d definitely be down for a couple of those.
  10. jstrange

    SOLD!! Magpul ODG set

    mostly knives. I can send you some pics if you let me know your interests.
  11. jstrange

    SOLD!! Magpul ODG set

    considering trades at all?
  12. jstrange

    Review Manu Laplace, 1515

    Nice work!
  13. jstrange

    Kershaw US-made folders - overall direction?

    Unfortunately, I have kinda lost interest in American made KAI products. I was stoked when they started making autos again, but several that I bought had issues. They had some cool designs this year, but seems everything new is either made in China or out of my price range (ZT), and I have never...
  14. jstrange

    Mini14/ranch rifle factory mags

    Do you like Spydercos? I have more of them than anything. I also have some Bucks and fixed blades. Have some autos too. You can email me at [email protected] if you want to.
  15. jstrange

    Mini14/ranch rifle factory mags

    What trade value do you place on these?
  16. jstrange

    Recommendation? USA Made Knives with "Wave" Hook

    Well if that’s the case then Cold Steel has some models as well. They are made in Taiwan.