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  1. Grandmaster

    What about Knives and Flashlights?

    Custom SDK Javelin S with Laulima Hoku
  2. Grandmaster

    What about Knives and Flashlights?

    Custom Drifter with Okluma DC0
  3. Grandmaster

    What about Knives and Flashlights?

    Eustler DUK with Citadel
  4. Grandmaster

    Recommendation? Medford micro praetorian

    Razor Edge Knives REK, Josh is great gut Fanatic Edge EDC Gear House has some awesome work, check them all out on IG
  5. Grandmaster

    Help me diagnose my Knife purchase

    Hinderers Gen 5 or below are not great flippers, I own 4, and none have an action that compares to my ZT, its a good price, but the action wont improve, thats just how they are
  6. Grandmaster

    What do the rest think of the Spyderco Swayback?

    I like it, and plan on getting one to complete my Slysz lineup
  7. Grandmaster

    Last 3 you got

    CKF FIF 20 CKF Satori 2.0 Vero Impulse
  8. Grandmaster

    My Inkosi arrived flawed what do you recommend ?

    I’m not a fanboy, but they are trully excellent knives, I would return it and give the 21 or zaan a shot, the only thing I’ve noticed on mine is that they lockup late, but stay there, the you can get X amount of knives is a beaten topic, if you want a CRK get one, mistakes happen
  9. Grandmaster

    Best knife of all time? ( that hasn’t been made yet)

    More CKF’s models with a 3.5” blade More models or an increased number of Jonas Iglesias knives A CRK flipper
  10. Grandmaster

    What Size You Packin'?

    3.3” to 3.5” is my preferred carry size, I dont use fixed blades, just my main edc folder and a custom SAK
  11. Grandmaster


    Front right pocket main folder, sak, flashlight, pry and bullet pen in left pocket on a caddy organizer
  12. Grandmaster

    new flipper - named 'deplorable' ... for real?

    The blade looks like a Norseman but slimmed down, there are worse names, “Black Void Opus” for example
  13. Grandmaster

    Chinese Wonder Knives?

    Thats an old paradigm, while I dont buy them because my collection leans toward other side, but they make great knives, I’ve handled a few besides Spyderco and they are really nice fit and finish
  14. Grandmaster

    Just pix of knives

    Liner Lock, Frame Lock, M390, 20CV, ——— Holt
  15. Grandmaster

    Liner lock vs frame lock

    Owning both version of the same knife, Holt V3 and V4, and doing normal EDC tasks, I can tell you that I tend to lean towards the liner lock, The action is the same regradless how you hold the knife Both lock up great, have no problem with them on normal EDC tasks The action on the liner lock...
  16. Grandmaster

    Recommendation? First auto knife

    Budget- Boker Best Side - Protech OTF - Microtech Protech has some really nice designs you should check out, if your on a tight budget Boker makes a great quality one
  17. Grandmaster

    Protech auto Strider thoughts?

    Protech is the best on making auto knives, their pocket clips are also great
  18. Grandmaster

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Just got this today, Steve Skiff Accomplice, the ano is amazing, the lines, perfect