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  1. Daniel

    May 2021 Buck of the Month - 830 Marksman D2

    There are only 29 left right now!! They sold much faster than I anticipated.
  2. Daniel

    May 2021 Buck of the Month - 830 Marksman D2

    I really like the Marksman (have 8 of them) and I like D2 steel. But, this one does not excite me. The white handle, nah!!
  3. Daniel

    unfortunately I have to see gsm warranty process...

    I don't remember ever having to prove purchase on knives needing warranty. That is going to be a problem and will certainly influence my purchase decision if they adhere to it.
  4. Daniel

    Spyderco **Reduced** F/S Native 5 (4), Manix 2, Caly 3 (2), Delica, Stretch

    7. Stretch FRN VG10 Combo edge NIB $70 8. Delica FRN Wharncliffe S30V Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive NIB $90 9. Native 5 FRN S35VN Pulled from sale
  5. Daniel

    Spyderco **Reduced** F/S Native 5 (4), Manix 2, Caly 3 (2), Delica, Stretch

    The following knives are for sale, NO trades, please. Prices posted include all fees and shipping in the USA only. Payment: Paypal Goods and services payment only with nothing in comments. Payment via USPS money order also accepted. Please PM or email (packrats at cableone dot net) with any...
  6. Daniel

    Classic Benchmade Auto

    It is a BM2500 Mini Reflex. I have one in my collection. One of my favorite auto knives!
  7. Daniel


    Don't buy one if you don't like it!
  8. Daniel

    Photos Manly Knives City

    I received my Manly City a while ago. I like it, but mine was extremely tight and gritty. I loosened the pivot which helped, but I have opened and closed it a couple of hundred times and it is finally starting to be smooth. But, it seems that the locking bar is grinding on the tang. I have yet...
  9. Daniel

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    Gone pecan!
  10. Daniel

    Spyderco ** Reduced** F/S Native Ti Fluted, Bradley 1, Para 3 Maxamet, Sage 3 Blue

    The following knives are for sale. No trades, please!! Prices include shipping and all fees. Payment: Paypal Goods and Services with nothing in comments or USPS money order only. Please post in this thread if you want to buy and send a PM thru the forum or send an email to packrats at cableone...
  11. Daniel

    Spyderco ** Reduced** F/S Chaparral, Natives(2)

    The following NEW Spyderco knives are for sale NO trades. Price includes fees and shipping. Payment via PayPal (Goods and Services only and nothing in comments) or USPS Money Order. No other forms of payment accepted and no holds. Please post in this thread to buy or ask questions and either...
  12. Daniel

    4 Max Scout

    I am understanding that you are asking about the DLT exclusive, it is the same as the regular production scout. Same steel, same size, different color Griv Ex handle, and black coating on the blade (whatever Cold Steel is using for black coating)
  13. Daniel

    Spyderco **Reduced** F/S Spyderco Chaparral

    The box doesn’t say Stretch 2 and the Spyderco description does not, either. So, it should be the original version. https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details/C90FBORE/Spyderco-Stretch-Burnt-Orange-HAP40/966