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  1. A.L.

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    I’d really like to get one this time (never signed on one, but had few) and I don’t really mind waiting for it and seeing it materialize. It’s like savouring it. Maybe I could now avoid buying some knives for a while and then finally get the forum knife and it would feel even sweeter!
  2. A.L.

    WTF is up with the new crap!

    Democratic BladeForums 🤣
  3. A.L.

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Thanks! I live in Finland. Nice sunny day today but the melting ice sends some chilly winds.
  4. A.L.

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Casual saturday with the pastor!
  5. A.L.

    Drop Shut?

    My Gerber EAB utility knife can be drop shut and flicked... propably can be spine whacked too but I don’t really care. I keep it at work but carry friction folders and slip joints. I bet lotta people get mad about that.
  6. A.L.

    Attention First BF knife post!! Post once only!! Read Post #1!!

    1 BF knife for me please (granted that international is ok!)
  7. A.L.

    What watch do you wear?

  8. A.L.

    What multi tool, You using today?

    Just got this from local super market. I always sorta overlooked this or thought it wasn’t my thing but recently got interested in it. I’m going to carry it as everyday town kind of carry. For anything more versatile I will grab my SwissTool. Seems like a decent tool although little wobbly at...
  9. A.L.

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    Finally a knife for those otherwise boring power point presentations!
  10. A.L.

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    This Pallares Pastor in boxwood met and exceeded my expectations! What a nice knife especially for the money!
  11. A.L.

    Food and Blades

    If you make tortilla pizzas but decide to fold them, does that make them quesadillas? :D
  12. A.L.

    KNIPEX - Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers

    Also these are great
  13. A.L.

    The ideal multi-tool for travel abroad.

    Even survived Latin America. All I did was use judo chops to fend off the kidnappers (and chubby guys are too heavy to drag). No CQC. Just judo chops.
  14. A.L.

    trackers knife that's carried folded or fixed

    Not A.G. Russell but couple of Italian knives come in mind: Fox Cutlery Pro Hunter and Extrema Ratio RAO.
  15. A.L.

    Knife NOT as important as it's "carry" system.....

    Making fixed blade with bad sheath is like making folder with useless wonky pocket clip. I recently made this Kephart sheath with approximitely five centimeters of strong friction pull, so even if it wiggles out half centimeter it wont fall out. :D Nothing is as depressing as leather sheath...
  16. A.L.

    Bought My Wife a Knife

    Hey it's not the first or last time good ol' BladeForums is trying to take the shit on someone but good that it worked out for you! :thumbsup:
  17. A.L.

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Spring starts to finally feel like spring. Lake is still mostly in ice but the snow has melted, birds are singing and mind is more positive.
  18. A.L.

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    I disagree - I think it has quite bit of soul!
  19. A.L.

    Victorinox FOLDING paring knife?

    Get her Pallares comun. Even better than the Opinel IMO. Better angle of the grip, thin blade, great tip.