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  1. Murphnuge

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    $50 something bucks, I'm gonna give it a fair shake. Ethan doesn't sign off on junk.
  2. Murphnuge

    MOLLE backer for bk 18 harpoon

    Or, you can pick up the USGI aircrew survival sheath.
  3. Murphnuge

    Does anyone else see a little Brute in the Gunny Knife?

    According to Ethan, no relation. I'll order one soon, hopefully.
  4. Murphnuge

    How To Cross Between a Kabar Becker and a Mora light my fire

    I read your question earlier and resolved to come back with my suggestion when I had fully awakened. Sadly, I'm as awake as I'm gonna get for the day. As others have suggested, I believe the BK16 would best suit your needs in the Becker line-up. All the other brands you mentioned are...
  5. Murphnuge

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

    Happy new year, boss! Hopefully I'm around a little more in 2020.
  6. Murphnuge

    Beckerhead check-in thread

    Just how I left it then. Outback steakhouse knives if I remember correctly.
  7. Murphnuge

    Beckerhead check-in thread

    I can't even see my sig on my screen.....
  8. Murphnuge

    Beckerhead check-in thread

    Tell her I said hey! I'm still around, just not here as much.
  9. Murphnuge

    A walk in the jungle with the BK16

    Man, ain't much better than being in the sticks with a dog and a knife at your side. Even the apocalypse is bearable with those two things.
  10. Murphnuge

    Beckerhead check-in thread

    I'm here, two days in a row! I think I'm BH #109.
  11. Murphnuge

    Official KA-BAR BK&T Patch?

    Yeah, IG is where I'm most active. Even that had slowed down a bit.
  12. Murphnuge

    Official KA-BAR BK&T Patch?

    I'm still around, just hard to find time to pop in anymore. Good to be seen.
  13. Murphnuge

    Official KA-BAR BK&T Patch?

    I'd buy a grip of them. Surely my daughter will need a few. Something military inspired, maybe Vietnam era throwback would be cool.
  14. Murphnuge

    Snarking in a Becker Wonderland

    Been awhile since I snarked. Is it the first two fingers and a thumb or the whole hand?
  15. Murphnuge

    Review BK62 Video Review

    Pretty much where I was at with it . Once you resort to name-calling, I'm out. It's a weak way of arguing Not inflammatory at all.
  16. Murphnuge

    Review BK62 Video Review

    The poster lost me when he called someone a "snowflake".
  17. Murphnuge

    Cloudland Canyon State Park

    I'm glad someone is getting some decent weather lately. Man, I've been absent too long. I'm happy to see y'all still killin' it on your trips!
  18. Murphnuge

    My old BK11

    Shooo-wee, that's a smooth looking piece! Nice handle work for sure .
  19. Murphnuge


    The Warrior speaks truth. Man, I remember just how pissed off I was and for a large part, still am about my gear getting jacked. I was reminded of it recently on my Facebook timeline. I hope you find your stuff or even better, the sumbitch that took it.