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  1. arbiter

    Ashtamangala Knife from father's collection

    Gorgeous knife. Best wishes to the one fortunate enough to be its next owner.
  2. arbiter

    Ram Kumar Chainpura

    Eric-Please do-I have been mulling this over all night, and I probably shouldn't...
  3. arbiter

    Tibetan Sword

    What are you waiting for George?! Get it!
  4. arbiter

    Sunday evening special Farmcatta

    The versatility of the handle makes this a great all round blade. King of the camp knives.
  5. arbiter

    Kali Sword

  6. arbiter

    Friday night with HI Farm Knife

    Kiteman-These things are beasts. You'll love it.
  7. arbiter

    Ram Kumar Rifle Knife

    It is an interesting knife. I would lean toward the Kobra in attempting to define it overall. It is quite light, but has excellent reach. Like Gunz (Jake) says, it absolutely cuts above its weight class. It would be a top notch light brush cutter. There is a definite learning curve in handling...
  8. arbiter

    Kumar and Ram Kumar Kobra

    I don't know about you guys, but the Sandan handle on this is superb! Someone please pick this up-my budget is shot. Edit-This would make a great "problem solver", if you catch my drift..
  9. arbiter

    Modifying the Pen Knife or Giving Purists Heartburn with My Tactical Spatula

    Fiber fix on the handle-It's blasphemy! lol! Great tip for scabbard fixes-thanks!
  10. arbiter

    Review The protective spirit knife of Kaal Bhairav

    Thank you for these posts. Very interesting things that aren't oft heard in the West.
  11. arbiter

    What was your first Himalayan imports purchase?

    Purpose-Posts like these tell a story-in essence, a history of peoples experience with H.I. handmade blades and the journey that follows. Sharing this experience with others of like mind helps to keep the information alive and circulating. I appreciate all the posts up to this point and all that...
  12. arbiter

    Ganga Ram Special

    That is fantastic! I'm a fan of soviet bloc small arms-they are very well made. Top notch!
  13. arbiter

    What was your first Himalayan imports purchase?

    What blade was your first H.I. purchase, and who made it? My first was a Bhakta made AK bowie. A blade that I respect and enjoy very much. Edit-This was 2010 or 2011.
  14. arbiter

    Durga Sword

    Best of luck!
  15. arbiter

    Durga Sword

    A question if I may-Have you seen this blade in the past? I don't recall seeing one before.
  16. arbiter

    Durga Sword

    A fearsome blade.
  17. arbiter

    Ram Kumar Rifle Knife

    Just got the DD. Looks like a capable and fast blade. Thanks for the well wishes fellas-really looking forward to getting this one!
  18. arbiter

    Ram Kumar Rifle Knife

    Looks like a fast and light blade. EMS.
  19. arbiter

    Who want to make new handle

    A gem in the rough-That is going to look great when it's finished!
  20. arbiter

    Blems and bargain for 7/28

    Gunz-you lost a Bura to a thief? So sorry to hear that-He deserves what he got. A Bura blade is something many of us will never be privileged to have.