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    Magnum AK

    Not being judgemental at all but I suspect alcohol could've been involved somewhere in this mixup.
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    Lost benchmade serum

    I realize this is a long shot but figured I'd give it a try here if anywhere would work. I lost my 5400sbk serum somewhere on the beaches of cape Hatteras, north Carolina. It was first production (I withhold the number so someday I can prove its mine hopefully) and was my favorite benchmade...
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    Deals for 10/13 --Pix, Bagh Bhairab, Movie Model and Great Buys

    Got the movie model! I've actually wanted one of these for years. Hopefully it performs as well as the traditional khuks. That point is wicked. Might replace my siru as nightstand sword.
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    Weekend Deals for 5/9 -- Pix, Purna Hanshee, Foxy Folly and Great Buys

    Anyone nab that hanshee yet? Its not marked sold.
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    BM Ares Leupold Tactical

    Oh my that is pretty. Love bm and leupold and always wanted an ares. Definitely on my wish list right under the 57 Ferrari 250. I'm just as likely to get either I think.
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    My skirmish was stolen out of my car boooo. Monstrous folder. I'll cut the thief up if I ever find out who they were.
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    What cold steel knives do you carry ?

    I have a taipan strapped to the bottom of my drivers seat, and my safekeeper 2 gets some time in my daily edc rotation.
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    Benchmade 808 Loco Axis Lock

    This really is a nice knife and one of my favorite benchmades. I particularly enjoy the oversized, textured locking pin and it is an incredibly smooth knife for being so heavy. Its kinda like a mix between my onslaught and 810. A must have for benchmade fans.
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    I was afraid this would happen with the new steels CS is using...

    I'll probably buy my first cs folder simply because they have changed to a premium stainless steel. Ive always wanted a holdout but won't buy a aus8 blade for any more than $10.
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    mini 710?

    Yep that's it. I searched bm before but it was futile without the right model number. Thanx for the info.
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    mini 710?

    Through trade, I've recently come into possession of what appears to be a mini bm 710 in ats-34. It is quite worn and chipped, my coworker had been using it to pry open radiator caps apparently. After a quick search online I was unable to find a lot of info about this particular model. The...
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    HI Tarwar and Beautiful Pashmina Shawls from Nepal for 12/18

    Im in for the other two scarves. Pashmina is high quality stuff.
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    HI Wakizashi... Predator Polish Camo

    I want one of those with a garud style handle. Sounds a little out there but it would be a showstopper.
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    Kumar Special Tin Chirra Knife for 11/3

    I played the scratchers tonight in hopes of winning the 500 I need for this beauty. Needless to say I am now even further from beholding it.
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    Trick Or Treat YourSelf to KUmar Magnum AK!

    Edited: double post
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    Trick Or Treat YourSelf to KUmar Magnum AK!

    Thats a nice blade. I wouldve bought it if I was quicker. Ive been playing with my 20" a lot lately and am starting to think I need a bigger one.
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    Giant Chitlangi Bowie for 10/24

    Mighty fine!
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    Four blems for 10/17

    That micro mini is nice and at a bargain. Great snag.
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    Rare HI knives

    What kind of lock is on the bura folder (or on the proposed bowie folder)? With a folder that large you'd need a strong and secure lock or else its just a safety liability. I know the kamis are talented, but any kind of reliable locking mechanism requires precision machining. How does the...
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    Rare HI knives

    Ya beat me to this one and I'm still sour about it. If I'm not mistaken this was offered as an extenuation to another dotd and I didnt bother to read the whole thread until it was too late. Good get. I hope they make more with that stocky handle type.