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    A "plain-ole" DEK in double black micarta...
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    After Sale Lounge

    What a FUBAR experience for me with the last of the last boot daggers. I had two tabs open and one wasn't signed in. Massive lag and then come to find out I can't post! Flailing at the keyboard! Posted in the other tab on the wrong thread! WTF! A real fail... PEBKAC!! PEBKAC!! :eek:
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    I look foward to seeing your new DEK (design/variation) #2 come to fruition.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    DEK1 AEBL Double Black Micarta added...
  6. PolRoger

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    x (One with D3V and OD green micarta scales) sending check paid
  7. PolRoger

    Osage is the new Black, er...Bog Oak...

    Testing out a recent lens acquisition for my camera...
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    Fiddlebacks and Bourbon

    Hunter with Bloodwood scales and natural bolsters over thick natural liners; 5/32" A2 and TT...
  9. PolRoger

    Fiddlebacks and Bourbon

    Happy upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday... Stay safe everyone! Giraffe bone Sylvrfalcen w/natural liners and lime pinstripes, 3/32" A2... Edit: A Commando style Woodsman along with a Manhattan cocktail made with High West Rye whiskey.
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    Young Bert, yard prey. #4

    Young Bert is an interesting looking dog... Is his breed that of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon?
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    X... With custom options to be determined. emailed 3/29 shipped
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    SOLD, DEK1 and some Blade Show inventory

    x Edit: Hey Jo... Sending a PM with a question regarding non DEK1 inventory.
  13. PolRoger

    What is the ONE CPK...

    I can't really tell which dagger you posted above?... But one of my "top favorite(s)" from the CPK shop was your one-off "Big Daddy Dagger" that you brought to the Blade '19 Show. I was glad to have been able to check that one out in person. :cool: Found this picture/link thanks to...
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    This new "close to finalized" DEK1 design looks quite promising! I'm looking forward to it. :) I can also visualize a "down the road" tweaked out version of this pattern... Tumble and acid washed with a machined swedge and a hand ground sharpen tip... "Grind the back of the tip 30 DPS to make...
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    Backwoods custom and a Fiddleback Forge custom

    Hi Robert, I'll take the "camel bone" scaled Fiddleback Sylvrfalcen.
  16. PolRoger

    CLOSED, Field Knife 2 pre-order, The Return of the Field Knife (2)

    In... (Something with options to be determined). 6/17 shipped
  17. PolRoger

    CLOSED, B E H E M O T H E R, Open Order Sale.

    One... A swedge by hand... Tumbled and acid washed with (buffed) black linen micarta scales and standard ti fasteners (no sheath).