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    the two little tools / knives ?

    Remind me guys, what are the two small knives that come with the Kuk's One a sharpener ? Other a ? Thank you
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    Baby Suga Knife for 6/21

    I'll go for it EMS 7.5 inch 5 ounce villager fit and finish Baby Suga Knife by Ram Kumar and his brother-in-law. Chiruwa style bone handle. Natural leather sheath. Awesome team work! One more new addition to your collection at $125.
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    Blems and best buys for 6/12

    EMS on the BAS
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    Blems and best buys for 6/12

    are these kuk's still available? What does EMS stand for? PB
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    Long time since I was on this forum...

    Hey guys, I bought 10 or so kuk's a few years back. My brother has gotten into blades so I wanted to buy him one. I remember there are a top two or three favorites. What are the top 3 must haves for me to look out for him? Pappa
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    12th day of Christmas deals

    So sorry, I bought five or six Kukri/ knives from her in the past but my memory failed me. Ill recheck list and send her and email when I regroup.
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    12th day of Christmas deals

    Group A , I want the last two knives. 15 1/4'' 27 ounce Ang Khola Bowie by Ram Kumar. Horn handle. $115. 10.5 inch 11 ounce Baby AK Bowie by Lachhu. Horn handle. $60. And, I want these two as well. 7 1/4'' 5 ounce JKM-1 by Ram kumar. Horn handle. $35. *SOLD* 10 1/4 inch 7 ounce Kumar Karda...
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    16 th day X-mas deals , Pix, Khukuri earrings, 7 good, 2 blems and awesome buys

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    Fourth day Christmas deals for 12/4--Pix, M-43, Reti and huge savings

    If you don't already have one, that M43 will bring a big fat smile to your face every time you yank on that sheath.
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    How much oil do you keep on your kuks in storage times ?

    This was some quality reading. Mucho garr see us Fine fine stuff. So regular rem oil or such is not ideal. Frog lube and gun oil products are not ideal. Thanks for the feedback
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    How much oil do you keep on your kuks in storage times ?

    I'm starting to trip over kuks in my house. When I get a kuk from Auntie its dripping with oil. How much oil do you keep on your blades? Any special storage policy ? Just want to know what the pros do to keep blades healthy wealthy and wise 😀👍🏼
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    Deals for 9/10 -- Pix Bonecutter, TDC, TTC and Awesome Buys

    Yea, I care not what they call them. They are modern era "Picasso" blades. I own a beastly M43 and a finesse BAS and everything in between. I just got here and own 8-10 kuks. I used to open HI webpage and say to myself, I hope I catch a killer DOD. Now I say to myself, I hope mtgunner or...
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    Magnum AK for 8/29

    I'm with you. I go back to this thread time and again to see if it gets bought. My M43 is robust, but this thang....
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    Another Tin Chirra/three-fuller Khukuri...

    I recently grabbed one of these and I share your feelings 100%. The cho is freakin masterful art. Everything!
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    Four blems for 9/1

    Those Kothimoda kukri drive me crazy. I think they are some of the finest looking kukri on planet earth.
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    Magnum AK for 8/29

    He got some thick mits. Fo sho
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    Magnum AK for 8/29

    Good Lord, ok I'm broke. HI wins. But that beast would make a fine big brother to my ji norm onus M43.
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    Deals for 8/25 -- Pix, KLVUK, Tamang Knife, TTC, Bowie and Awesome buys

    I bought a Chainpura on the least round, Im very impressed with mine. Im sure you will love it. And that Tin Chirra looks like flawless perfection. That will find a happy home.
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    What is your favorite wood handle?

    Thanks for the feedback. I had to leave town, when I get back I'm going round two. I appreciate the tips. Pappa