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  1. The Amazing Virginian

    CPK Camping/Backpacking Trio.

    CPK Axe, CPK Nessmuk, and CPK EDC4. Someday. Right now . . . CPK Light Chopper, CPK Kephart, CPK EDC2/3. Weight IS a factor.
  2. The Amazing Virginian

    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, 6" Utility Fighter 2

    One in 3V, full double edged dagger grind, with satin grind after tumble, and mystery wood. Just wanted to see if I could turn a $325 knife into $750. Mission: accomplished! :) Used popsicle sticks would be swell, but if you run out I'll take some weevil infested thorny field locust of...
  3. The Amazing Virginian

    Updated UF 2

    So here is what I think I am seeing. Looks to me like the biggest changes are in the area of the handle. In addition to the previously-mentioned jimping, there appears to be significantly more palm swell. The spine side of the handle of the UF2 seems to have a lot more curvature, whereas the...
  4. The Amazing Virginian

    Updated UF 2

    That link is very helpful and answers a ton of questions.. I don't even remember the previous UF pre-sale. I think I was drunk that month.
  5. The Amazing Virginian

    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    I do want to say something nice, so I want to complement the new site as being much, much, faster than the old one. A big improvement. So . . . thanks, Spark!
  6. The Amazing Virginian

    Receive email notifications?

    Hi. Is there anything on the horizon that will fix the problem which the transition caused so that some e-mail providers no longer forward email notifications from this site (I still get them from other sites)? If not, is gmail working? And if gmail works, is there any reason that I couldn't...
  7. The Amazing Virginian

    85 Smooth Cherry Bone Caplifter

    Late post but I took this one. Now I think I can post positive feedback for the seller.
  8. The Amazing Virginian

    2020 BF knives for sale

    I would like the dark (right-most in pictures) BF 2020 Viper. PM incoming.
  9. The Amazing Virginian


    I thought the "D" in DEK stood for Defense or Defensive (?) :confused: That pretty much launches it into the weapons category, IMO. Unless that stag I thought I killed suddenly springs to life while I'm field dressing it, and then I guess it could be used for "defensive" hunting. :p
  10. The Amazing Virginian

    Random Thought Thread

    Good job, and congrats!
  11. The Amazing Virginian

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    TWO questions (I hope that is allowed :)). 1) Was there a particular reason for using the block "Carothers" lettering instead of the traditional signature for the maker's mark on the Kephart, and if so would you mind sharing that reason? Inquiring minds need to know. :cool: 2) In the...
  12. The Amazing Virginian

    CPK Sharpening

    Most excellent!!! Thanks.
  13. The Amazing Virginian

    SOLD, 15 DEK1, Delta 3V, AEBL, scales options. Also AEBL Kephart.

    One Kephart AEBL with buffed black micarta scales, if one is still available after the posters above. Thanks! PS - if "Y" is a Kephart, then I think (?) I'm number five for the five Kepharts. If so, 🕺. If not, then 😞 and I pass my spot along to the next non-Kephart buyer.
  14. The Amazing Virginian


    Must be the "improved" website.
  15. The Amazing Virginian


    Did I miss it?
  16. The Amazing Virginian

    CPK Sharpening

    Ok, I did look quickly through the other thread, and I know this is an i'nrant question, so point and laugh . . . but is there any thread here that provides the factory edge angles for all of the CPK knives? TIA!
  17. The Amazing Virginian

    #89 GEC All sold out

    I'm taking the Apples & Oranges Mellon Tester