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  1. ndmiller

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Mr. T. my Nessmuk obsession is well documented as is my production/PRO Kephart addiction. If you IM me what you're looking for, I'll send back pictures to avoid clogging this thread.
  2. ndmiller

    Fiddleback Forge Changes April 2021

    Tough news on many fronts, but your well-being is critical to enjoying life with family & friends now and in the future.
  3. ndmiller

    Radio Spot!

    Awesome interview, BUT no laughing or drinking.....hmm......I don't buy it. Seriously a great American success story! Congrats.
  4. ndmiller

    Can’t wait for new Spyderco K390 series

    My Endela K390 is on it's way. I used to be scared of knives that rusted, but with very little care they will patina (rust like layer) rather than rust as one would think. That patina keeps it from further rusting and reduces care and maintenance.
  5. ndmiller

    Spring Trackrock 2021

    Is anyone actually staying at Trackrock?
  6. ndmiller

    Best Fiddleback for EDC?

    Runt in terms of EDC as that would include work. I could use any of my Runts to cut an apple in the middle of an exec meeting with the majority of the team asking what it was and where I got it. The larger Fiddlebacks may have them wondering about my Northern upbringing and temper (i.e. Stab...
  7. ndmiller

    Walllets! Buzz Rickson x Porter, Beard & Owl, Pirtle Made Leather (with attached knife slip)

    Paid just now and cleaned out inbox as well, didn't even realize.
  8. ndmiller

    Walllets! Buzz Rickson x Porter, Beard & Owl, Pirtle Made Leather (with attached knife slip)

    I'll take the porter wallet. Can you send me your PAYPAL information please.
  9. ndmiller

    Happy Birthday Andy!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. ndmiller

    Shipping Problems, Solutions, & Changes

    Related to shipping and good/bizarre service, I've received a few items in the last nine months of pandemic shipping, where I've received a duplicate a week later (1 Amazon, 1 DSW, 1 Firearm related). Amazon believed the item wasn't delivered even though I told them it was, they refunded my...
  11. ndmiller

    Bad Username - Igelkott

    Not defending anyone, but point of information only. USPS in the Northeast & Southeast is in complete crisis right now. Many employees being quarantined and they have trailers full of mail/packages that have been sitting for a week or more. I have 2 Amazon items from NY & PA that have been in...
  12. ndmiller

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    1 with Natural Micarta paid
  13. ndmiller

    FS: AR and AK-style rifle

    Rifle sights on 870?
  14. ndmiller

    Glad I had the foresight....

    Bring it to Trackrock and we'll forge it into another form.....
  15. ndmiller


    If these were my size I'd grab them in a heartbeat. For the uninformed, you can bring to any Red Wing store for new laces & cleaning/oiling for Free. In addition resoling is about $100 which you can bring into the store and they send to the factory, maybe every 2-5 years depending on use. I...
  16. ndmiller


    This feels like a lot of aggravation for the $350 dealer membership fee. Just raise all the other memberships $5 of there's a board revenue shortfall, I'm sure most would understand.
  17. ndmiller

    I'd Buy a Knife Over a Gun

    Sacrilege never enough.....Aka don't tell the spouses how many.....