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    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    BK 18 Blade reminds me of the Marbles woodcraft style Ok,,, Who is going to be the first one with striped paint BK18 ? Posted ....:confused: .
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    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    Hansa 21"
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    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    I like it more if its a Flat grind I see two picture one shows a flat and one a saber grind Which will it be ? .:confused:
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    Beckerhead firearms

    Tanker, Bird Hunter My Deutsch Kurzhaar :cool:
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    *Winner chosen* BeckerWest Mega-Giveaway!

    Im in. #386- JD Miller
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    Beckerhead Lame Joke Thread

    Geese not ducks
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    Beckerhead Music

    :thumbsup: :cool:
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    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    The next BK #......?
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    Whats that yellow stuff?
  10. J

    BLADE WEST Portland Oregon? .... :eek:....
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    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    Hansa , With full custom sheath
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    Beckerhead check-in thread

    #386 present :cool:
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    Beckerhead check-in thread

    I forgot my number and where to find it :eek::D
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    Beckerhead firearms

    My new Tool . CZ compact PCR
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    What's with these Youtube knife review videos?

    How 'bout the vids with the long, dramatic, boring, self important, "introductions" before they start their boring video..... yawn... .. .
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    Beer and Blades!

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    Beckerhead's Other Choppers

    Got mine for $39.... plus I got to shape it myself :thumbsup::cool:
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    Becker Bk9 Vs?

    Now Im confused....... I thought the BK9 was King