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    Bestech Strelit (Folding Push Knife) SOLD

    Damascus blade and blue Ti handle. Only cut paper, the handle came looking worn, and early lock up. SOLD
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    LaserLyte .38/.357 training rounds SOLD

    Two rounds, still on first set of batteries. SOLD $100 shipped for the Set. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Tracker Dan Bottleshark CERAKOTED

    I had this cerakoted in tan, the tip came slightly magnetic otherwise not carried. $70 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Knife Swag Pack (Bandana, lapel pins and stickers) SOLD

    Spyderco Respect bandanna and sticker, TOPS, Kaweco and various other stickers, and some lapel pins from Boker and others. SOLD $25 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    TOPS Unzipper Pikal Knife SOLD

    Cut paper once, never carried, kydex marks from the aggressive coating. I got this directly from TOPS so it came with a whistle and oil. SOLD $90 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Olamic Cutlery Pocket Axe SOLD

    Broad blade, green micarta handle and leather neck sheath 4" oal. Cut some paper and my finger (pointy beard) but never worn. SOLD $125 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Ferrum Forge Stinger Tan (Sold)

    Only cut paper, never carried so early lock up. SOLD $70 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    User Ken Onion Rain, reverse edge vegetable peeler with the potato eye remover on the end. The blade stock is thicker than a paring knife (1/8" of an inch) with an interesting rain texture.
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    Push Dagger Trainer (Bastinelli Knives)

    This is the Trainer version of the Manaia PD, comes with index sheath. Never carried and the box came crushed. $50 shipped (I paid $100). CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    My first experience with Olamic Cutlery, decent sharpness and I wanted to have a artsy boxcutter. I had an RMJ Bumblebee but this is a bit bigger and has a thinner ground edge.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Tracker Dan Bottleshark. I wanted one (and a patch) for awhile and was on the list but it never panned out.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    The only Tracker Dan I could afford as I couldn't get a patch. :p
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    A little something from Boker USA.
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    Knife Swag Pack (Keychain, lapel pins, and stickers)

    The Mcusta Keychain is made of their VG-10 Damascus and replicates a katana sword guard but I never used it. I'll make thing interesting by throwing in some knuckle knife pins and some art stickers. $25 shipped for everything (the Mcusta cost me $30). CONUS only, PayPal preferred.
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    Kizer Swaggs Swayback SOLD

    Red G10. Never carried, action hasn't broken in yet, and only cut paper twice. SOLD $50 shipped. CONUS only, PayPal preferred
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Nice one Icky, what are the specs?
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Ordered a TOPS Unzipper in December and it finally came, it's my second TOPS knife and the quality is much better than I remember (blade is ground thinner). The coating and handle slabs are aggressive for sure grip. Next is Spyderco bandanna with the Respect model logo, I liked the design though...