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  1. Sharps

    Spyderco Sprints and Exclusives

    These are new in box, I have not carried, cut with, or sharpened these. Additional pics upon request. Please be prepared to make payment once you have info. Payment via PayPal G&S or Apple Pay. Prices are all inclusive. Shaman Z-wear micarta $260 SOLD Native Chief S90v CF $195 SOLD Native...
  2. Sharps

    Couple Gecs 47 Viper Arizona Ironwood, 19 blue teal bone

    These are as new, I have not carried, cut with, or sharpened these. I did wipe the factory oil and coat with EDCI. The Viper includes a pocket slip with clip, both include tube plus paper, the Viper also includes the button. Please be prepared to make payment once you have info. Payment via...
  3. Sharps

    Steingraber Performance Knives (SPK) 4v Shark

    This is as new, have not carried, sharpened, or cut anything. 65-66 rhc. Includes everything it shipped with plus I made a pancake sheathe for it, not a professional sheathe maker so it is not perfect, ambidextrous good retention and carries comfortably. Post an I'll take it, PM or leave your...
  4. Sharps

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    I seemed to avoid most server snags, in cart, to checkout, only to be presented with greyed out box for my name in CC info... by the time the server got done crapping its pants they were gone.
  5. Sharps

    Lynch Northwest - Spyderco Pocket Clips

    I'll take them seconds i guess
  6. Sharps

    CKF Knife Purchase

    Most of the knives CKF make are limited runs, the only exception I've seen thus far is the Fif20. The first Evo sold out quite quickly, after being sold out they would randomly drop one occasionally, the random drops typically sold within a minute or two. They also dropped maybe 20 one-offs...
  7. Sharps

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Currently in stock Spyderco *Sprint Run* Native Chief Carbon Fiber, S90V REC
  8. Sharps

    DLT Manix 2 Purple Cruwear Anti-Flipper sale.

    Unfortunately I need to cover shipping insurance and PayPal fee. Out of box for pics and inspection, back in box Action, centering, blade finish are all good. priority mail insured = $184 First class insured = $180 Total price SOLD $5.00 PayPal fee is included in above prices, up to you if...
  9. Sharps

    Spartan Harsey, Spyderco, ZT, Cold Steel,Buck

    Commented on profile posts, left my email on profile as well. @bcenots I'll send you an email, OP updated with sold items.
  10. Sharps

    Spartan Harsey, Spyderco, ZT, Cold Steel,Buck

    Updated op with 4max scout, missed that one...
  11. Sharps

    Spartan Harsey, Spyderco, ZT, Cold Steel,Buck

    Prices are shipped/PayPal G&S Didn't have time to take all the individual pics message me for more individual shots I should have boxes for all but no guarantee on that. Spartan Harsey No Fear S45 Used carried factory edge has not cut much. $450 SOLD Spyderco Para 3 K390 used/carried spare...
  12. Sharps

    CPK DEK1 3v, EDC2 3v both sold

    I have two up for grabs today. Prices are shipped payment via PayPal G&S neither has been used carried or sharpened. DEK1 D3v Kydex, and a leather pocket clip sheathe included Double black buffed scales as well as a set of buffed natural micarta. $OLD EDC2 D3V Buffed natural micarta, Kydex...
  13. Sharps

    Microtech Ultratech Bounty Hunter SOLD

    Taken out of box, opened/closed a few times, pics, back in box, otherwise new. $320.00 PayPal G&S to your door. box and papers included.SOLD
  14. Sharps

    NEW Demko Shark Lock & AD-20

    I wouldn't say hard, but the difference was enough to cause a fair bit of discomfort in use, the blade action was fine, and the lock would probably have broken in and lightened up in time. All said the ti version, zero discomfort and much nicer in use. I don't think it has anything to do with...
  15. Sharps

    Lynch Clip - Para 3 - Bead Blast

    pm me your payment info, i'll take it
  16. Sharps

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    24 degrees was my wake up @5am just south of the Canadian border