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  1. fbusmc

    Dumpster Dan is the Man! ( drop point pic heavy, with stonewashed finish update)

    For $179, you can’t beat the quality and feel of this blade. Sr101 not quite infi but a great steel . This will be a user and a keeper. Fits the dog soldier 8 sheath perfect too. The stone wash finish is a nice option , not as “grabby” as paint but not as expensive as satin. First saw and like...
  2. fbusmc

    May 2020 Behring made technicals and Treeman combat and two GSO blades blades

    The list is pretty well up to date as to what is sold and what is left Email me at [email protected] if you would like any of them
  3. fbusmc

    MayDayGanzaaa!!! . . . . Coming Soon!!! . . . . Page 1

    Oh, waiting for a p&l statement up there but that 1e has my attention too :) bring on the sjtac, sarsquatch, and Nark ! Oh heck throw in Paul’s hatchet too! :)
  4. fbusmc

    May Day! . . . May Day! . . . The 2021 "Knife-A-Day In May" Offer Is Here!!!

    Hum? Wonder what happened. A knife a day for the month of may, having between 1-15 of each offering, got cut short after just three offerings?? I know i read that right
  5. fbusmc

    Here's The Pic Of The "BUSSE COMRAMBIT" ! ! ! . . . . . Yowza! ! ! !

    Do want! Looks bigger than the older one
  6. fbusmc

    Lots Of Cool Stuff Coming!!!!!

    A jack hammer 6.5 on the same width and style as the jack hammer 10 would be nice, also a Busse version of the old wwii gi military m3 trench blade with the same style blade cut Plus, remakes of : Sjtac , sledge hammer, sarsquatch, Nark, and the 3B2 :) And a spear point, and Paul’s hatchet!
  7. fbusmc

    Meet The Jack Hammer 10. . . . Coming Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern!

    Now,,, come on out with the jackhammer 6 :) would be perfect.
  8. fbusmc

    SJTCS $550 OBO

    This one is bought and paid for :)
  9. fbusmc

    Replacement handle

    did you use sand paper on the handles or a belt sander? Just curious if you wet the handles before sanding to keep down the g10 dust which I hear is bad for the lungs.. I’ve got the same model and I’ve stripped it and left the carbon coat on as I like how it dulls the blade look . I’d like to...
  10. fbusmc

    21-21Ganzaaa . . . . .This Sunday February 21, 2021 . . .

    Would love to see these with a jungle green and a desert sage option .. and by golly.. get an sjtac in that bunch :)
  11. fbusmc

    Off Topic What song are you listening to?

    Considering the times we live
  12. fbusmc

    NMSFNO beater for sale CHEAP

    Aaaaahhhh! A steal of a deal!
  13. fbusmc

    Jack Hammer 10 makes me happy inside.

    Had to write jerry a cudos letter on this one. Is feels perfect in every way. I would love to see this one in a 6" version. Kind of a sjtac on steroids
  14. fbusmc

    Movie Mosul

    Unique back attachment with the handle up. Was it a shrike or kestrel. Wicked tool in the movie and in real life
  15. fbusmc

    Ultra rare - Sledge Hammer with PirtleMade sheath

    One heck of a blade always regretted selling mine.
  16. fbusmc

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy birthday Jerry! Another crazy Libra! May you have many more!
  17. fbusmc

    Photos RIP Ronybear;

    I hate to hear this, he was always nice to talk to and at one time he got a blade at knob creek and I made the comment that I really liked it , and he handed it over to me and said “here, it’s yours” he was a true Hog and an awesome nice guy, he will be missed .. at least he got to go with those...