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    Lite weight CAK and M-43 for 10/22

    As a M-43 Freak, I'm impressed. That is one beautiful blade.
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    Kumar Superior Vala

    Almost a gladius.
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    Bark River Ghost II Karambit

    I have been looking at this knife. I am not happy hear it has a convex edge.
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    What was your first Himalayan imports purchase?

    A BAS. It's a nice Kukri.
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    Jewel Knife

    Nice indeed. I like it. I have one or two HI blades with white horn accents.
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    Describe the knife that would be an ideal DOTD for you

    That's easy. It would be a 16" M-43 weighing in at about 25 oz.
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    Sad news

    I am sorry for your loss. It seems she was a very interesting lady, who led a full and interesting life.
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    Saturday night with scary sharp M-43

    Beautiful for sure. My favorite.
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    Kumar M-43 for 5/9

    Thanks for the photos. I sharpen my Kukuris is a similar fashion.
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    Saturday night with scary sharp M-43

    My favorite HI blade and weight catagory.
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    How sharp can a CAK be?

    I've used everything from India stones to Arkansas; carborundum to butcher's steel. The Himalayan Import blades will take and hold a pretty good edge.
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    Smoke, Prayers, Good thoughts, and crossed fingers requested

    My prayers are with you both.
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    Differences between old style and new style M43 Kukri.

    You will love the M-43. I like the grip much better on the M-43. It has a palm swell, and an enlarged pommel. I like the lines of the M-43 also. It is aesthetically pleasing with the arcing spine. I have a 28, 27, a 25 ,and the 22 oz. on its way.
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    Cyber Monday deals

    EMS 15 inch 22 ounce M-43 by Kumar. Sadan wood handle. Leather sheath. $85. IF I get this one, it will be my fourth M-43. Love those M-43s. Update: Just got the DD. This one will reside in my backpack.
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    HI Black Friday deals

    That is one of the best prices for a light M-43 that I have seen. It's a nice looking Kukri too.
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    Four blems and bargain for 11/6

    I already have 3 M-43s, and I would have snatched that one. That was a great deal on a great weighted M-43.
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    Pix and six blems for 10/3

    I didn't expect the sirupati or the WWII to last very long.
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    Father's Military Replica (Pala's Army Knife) Review

    It appears the butt of the kukuri is open. Why is that?
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    Lightweight M-43 and trail pics and good and bad news.

    Contact Yangdu. She will take care of it. These things rarely happen, but when they do, Yangdu will stand behind the sale. I hate that it happened, but it did. Get it fixed, and enjoy the best model HI makes.