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  1. Dirtbiker

    Machete time!

    Do you own a belt sander? Or a worksharp? Start with really low numbered belts 40-60 and raise the shoulder on that edge 1/2”. Then using the slack part of the belt convex down to the edge.
  2. Dirtbiker


    Did you do the clip point or did you buy it from Bark River that way?
  3. Dirtbiker

    Found a large knife and restored it

    That knife is Filipino in origin. Looks like a bolo that the clip point was cut or broken off. Looks great now.
  4. Dirtbiker

    Anyone use TKC G10 on their RTAK II?

    I bought tkc scales for my rtak and they were a huge difference compared to stock I like the rtak and tkc scales better than a stock Junglas.
  5. Dirtbiker

    Help me choose a bushcraft machete

    The first one From that angle it looked more bolo than kukri to me. Beautiful either way.
  6. Dirtbiker

    Help me choose a bushcraft machete

    I'd recommend the Baryonyx machete too but it's a big one If you dont mind the added heft it's a fantastic piece. Unless you are looking for flash $100 is top buck in machetes. When I spend more than that I dont use them much. That's why I like modding tramontina and imacasa machetes...
  7. Dirtbiker

    Help me choose a bushcraft machete

    Nice work! Love that bolo
  8. Dirtbiker

    Help me choose a bushcraft machete

    I have a huge pile of machetes. I enjoy them because they are cheap, easy to modify, and effective. I also have quite a few high end choppers too. If you dont want or can't modify an inexpensive model like a Tramontina or an Imacasa I'd recommend a Kabar parangatang or a Tops 230 machete. They...
  9. Dirtbiker

    Can anyone give some info on this machete

    French foreign legion machete. Made I believe late 40s through 70s
  10. Dirtbiker

    A radical theory, and leaving the world of expensive modern knives behind

    I saw some of the merits to your points Basically old designs and steel can perform admirably. But you have to admit time doesn't stand still and there is no "perfect" do it all knife. Variety is the spice of life.
  11. Dirtbiker

    A radical theory, and leaving the world of expensive modern knives behind

    Mike Stewart of Bark River said he would rather make knives from tool steel or 1095 than any of the latest super steels. But by comparison no one buys them and retailers dont want to stock them. I have a Dexter Russell roast slicer with the Sani-safe molded handle that makes a wicked golok...
  12. Dirtbiker

    Machete suggestion for super heavy use

    I’d recommend a tramontina bolo Machete and a cold steel special forces shovel. You can buy both for under $50.
  13. Dirtbiker

    Winkler Collection For Sale

    I’ll take the pick
  14. Dirtbiker

    22inch Ganga Ram

    Probably I can't keep up anymore :) The one I'm remembering still had the ring on the handle. My two favorite choppers were a 18" 38oz bone cutter by the Sgt and a 16.5" 23oz WWII by Kumar. Both had very tall bevels.
  15. Dirtbiker

    22inch Ganga Ram

    I had an early 22 ganga ram that weighed in the mid 60s oz. So right around 4 pounds or so. I'm a big guy and for me for ultra heavy choppers 32-38oz is the sweet spot.
  16. Dirtbiker

    Svord Hog Beater

    Unused in Excellent condition. This is an older model with a stitched sheath. 11.25 swedish carbon steel with flame hardening color left on. Right about a 1/4 thick blade and guard $180 shipped obo. PayPal goods I pay fees Sorry for crap photos but it's all I have on my phone