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    First Day of Christmas Deals

    Sorry, was stealth sharking Friday night! I got the "done deal" for the bottom Dui chirra and CAK!
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    Deals for 9/6--Pix, DC, TC, Reti, two blems and bonus buys

    Oh man, Thamar is my favorite!!! EMS on DC1!
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    H&B Shawnee, Himalayan Imports khukuri, or 10" blade

    I choose an HI khukuri. More versatile than a tomahawk, so easy to use, so cool!
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    Who will dethrone Ronda Rousey???

    Agreed. Terrible match up for Rousey, style-wise. When she can't be the bully she wilts. Same thing would happen against Cyborg. Plus, anyone else notice Rousey gassed after 3 minutes? Her fights are so short her gas tank hasn't been tested.
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    What's your headlamp of choice ?

    Best bet to prevent the Zebralight headlamps from turning on in your bag is to loosen the battery cap half a turn. Then it's just a quick turn back and a push of the button to turn it on when you need it.
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    My Favourite Khukuri Model – long winded!

    Love the tamang! Nice choice -- it's right up there for me, too!
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    Felling a tree with a M-43

    Although I have two Thamar Curved Spines and I love how their lines flow beautifully, I'm a little concerned with their chopping ability. All the Curved Spinbes I've seen have a VERY short primary grind. If you compare the Curved Spines with an M43, the M43 has a much deeper primary grind that...
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    Deals for 6/23 -- Pix, Tamang Knife, Bashpati and Great Buys

    Man, tamangs are AMAZING knives. I just used my 18" tamang to limb and break down my gigantic eucalyptus this weekend. Someone needs that knife!
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    ESEE - Extremely Disappointed with ESEE 6 and Customer Service

    I've never had my Beckers or Condors rust like the OP is talking about, and I almost never oil them (though living in Las Vegas probably helps). But I do agree with the OP about the ESEE guys being jackasses. Some people might like their attitude, praising it as blunt and straightforward, but I...
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    HI for my dad

    I would say 18" is perfect. A lighter, non-chiruwa style blade would be good for the tasks your father tackles. A sirupati might be a touch light. A WW2, chitlangi or a tamang would be ideal.
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    Kukri for my size

    Do you realize you're not a rational member of society to ask people's advice on what knife would be best used on living humans?
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    My 'Famous' M43 Kukri

    Man, gotta love those smaller handles from those early models!
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    How to: rehydrate wood and horn handles

    I've seen some discussion lately about handle shrinkage, especially when it comes to chiruwa handles. I live in Las Vegas, so believe me, my handles shrink and I have to deal with a the rather uncomfortable feeling of the tang becoming proud of the handle slabs. I tried soaking in all kinds of...
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    Love everything BUT the choil. Same reason I've never bought a Busse and sold off my Ratmandu, M6 and Rodent Waki.
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    Weight / Feel from Chiruwa

    Agreed, I think the whole transfer of shock through a chiruwa handle is overblown. I personally also find that chiruwa handles are more neutrally balanced whereas non-chiruwa are more forward balanced. The only drawback to a chiruwa handle, however, is that the scales tend to shrink, which...
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    New Chiruwa Ang Khola. Thank you Himalayan Imports!

    CAK looks good! Karda, was there ever any word from Auntie about going back to the carved markings?
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    Kami Marks - prefer dot style or the old carved style?

    Carved for me. MUCH better looking which adds to the high quality production reputation h.i. is known for.
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    Christmas Ang Khola, arrived!

    Wow. I love Yangdu, H.I. and all the kamis, but in my opinion they really should drop the electro pencil/pin mark kami marks and go back to the older, more artful carved ones.
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    Start the New Year right with Thamar Dui Chirra

    Thamar strikes again! His work is unbelievable.
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    BK-12 - Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2 Perseverance

    I finally worked up the gumption to order one today but now KW is out of stock! I hope most of you are right that they make them in batches because I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if they're dried up for good.