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    Degradation of Sharpness - Carbon Leeching?

    :confused: So what you're saying is that it's just an attractively sculpted representation of a real kukri?
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    13 year old becomes father

    But it's an increasingly dysfunctional society. I read Danny's post as a totally dispassionate, objective and factual comment. He's correct in the suggestion that present-day "law" and official "morality" seem no longer to be consistent with the realities in much of society; constaints fall...
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    13 year old becomes father

    True. Aside from what would be a desirable state of affairs (no pun intended), modern society seems to have first at tried to replace "nature" with "religion", and then replace both of these with ideologically-determined "bureaucracy" -- largely artificial constructs; but people do tend to...
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    Shop News

    Hydro generation projects take time to construct and thus would not sort the immediate problem..... so if the Nepal government do get surplus diesel generators from China as a short-term fix, is that not a sensible measure regardless of them being Maoists? I'd say please ship over all the...
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    Lightest 18"+ HI blade

    I have a "longleaf" type kukri from the late Victorian period, which was likely to have been carried as an upgrade on the standard military model of the time. It has a 15" blade, a 4.75" handle and weighs 22oz. It's fast, a formidable weapon.... don't forget that Gurkha soldiers of...
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    Horn treatment

    Keratex and then Tru-oil.
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    Broken Khukri

    Reckon to weed-out almost all potential breakages would require the measured testing setup (as was described in one of the historical kukri forums) used by Wilkinson Sword in England after WW2, when for a short time they manufactured kukris for the army.... a standard so stringent that most...
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    Working kukris?

    That would be a very desirable and useful specification, imo. :)
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    Broken Khukri

    From pics in the holiday threads, also seems to be rather an attractive lady...... oops, is it ok to notice that????
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    Broken Khukri

    My worst was a round of high-velocity .22 rimfire hitting a stone about 50 yards away and coming back to chip a chink of roughcast off the wall just inches away from my head...... hard to live it down, missing myself at that range.
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    Broken Khukri

    That crystalline appearance of the broken surface reminded me of the mid 1990s when a front stub-axle on a well-known German make of automobile sheared through.... the UK office of the company simply couldn't care less, didn't even want to see the broken part -- "it's out of warranty, and what...
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    Working kukris?

    In support of that advice, consider whether you're likely be working with protective gloves on -- a handle that seems a bit uncomfortable to hold in the house, can turn out to be ideal when outdoors in practical use.
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    Yes; same applies over here.
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    Identify this khuk?

    It is interesting...... worth also asking about it (after registration) at (if it's not ok to post the above link -- sorry Mods, please delete)
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    when it arrives........ :) Happy New Year! :)
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    What made you buy a kukri?

    Was chopping some kindling, using a one-handed axe.... and caught my thumb. Ooops! :jerkit: Remembered how even when I was a child my father's kukri from WW2 always seemed very "controllable" to handle..... :) But it was a few hundred miles from here. :( So for reasons of digital...
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    Handle Issue

    Done with care, you'd be surprised how un-noticeable grafting in a piece of wood can be. I'd only consider rehandling that kukri if I was actually wanting a different shape of handle.
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    Handle Issue

    With it being wood, glue on a piece of hardwood that's been shaped to just a little bit oversize at its sides. Superglue or epoxy it to the wood of the handle, and likewise to the buttcap. Then once the adhesive is fully set, use a combination of small diamond files and fine abrasive sheet to...
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    Happy Winter Solstice

    :) happy christmas everyone :)
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    UK Knife Laws

    What's been said about the state of Britain in this thread is true. :( Add in what's not been cited, and it's actually even worse. :mad: