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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    Thanks for that, Kevin. I was hoping you'd chime in. What active knife collecting clubs, groups, or organizations are still around?
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    My new book, Knifemaking Hacks
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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    I liked this one from an old BF thread... "I tend to prefer the label "knife enthusiast" to "collector", because in real terms for me, it's more about the people, the relationships, the experiences gained and the knowledge aquired - than it is about the knives themselves." There was another...
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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    Based on some recommendations, I ordered Les Robertson's book and found a copy of Darom's "Great Collections."
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    Father's Day Sale on Knifemaking Books

    Father's Day is coming soon, and so for the first time since publication, I am putting my books on sale. Knifemaking Hacks is over 300 pages of knifemaking tips and tricks, with over 100 professional photos of some of the best knives in the world. This book is perfect for knifemakers and...
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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    Some good old threads...
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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    In doing research on this question, a collector buddy pointed me to the 1966 Gun Digest that has a nice article by Ken Warner on "The Best Knives Made." It included these quotes that I liked. There's some epic one-liners in that 1966 article. "A man that makes good blades as a sideline can...
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    Knife Collecting for Dummies

    If I wanted to get into knife collecting, what resources would I start with? Any articles, books, classic works on the subject, etc? Alternatively, are there any good BF posts that talk about collecting strategy, etc? Or, if you're talking to a new collector, what would you want them to...
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    See Y'all at Blade show Atlanta.

    Glad to meet you in person
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    CNC milling machine. $12,000 OBO

    Is this the one where you put a stack of bar stock and micarta in one end, and finished knives pop out the other end lol? Good luck on the sale, and congrats on the new machine.
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    Blade show hamon harpoon Bowie

    I put this one together a few weeks ago, Don Hanson W-2 with my best hamon so far. I just wasn’t satisfied with the way it turned out. The frame spread a little bit and gave me some poor fit that after glue up that wasn’t there on the dry fit. Also the more I looked at the guard, the less...
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    Forged 1084 and mammoth dagger

    Yes, mortise tang. Inlet a channel and glue the two sides together.
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    Forged 1084 and mammoth dagger

    I haven't done a dagger since 2015, but I figured there's no time like the present. This piece is forged from some of Aldo's early Schrade 1084, with a milled fuller. Fittings are 416, and the handle is mammoth ivory. I built this one takedown, to facilitate potential future engraving. I'll...
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    Precision platen?

    It's rare that I use a tight 90 corner on anything anyway. I don't have a SG yet, but I did make a deal on one this week after shopping for them off and on for 7 years.
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    Precision platen?

    Here's my thought process. I can grind well enough to make the flats flat, and I have a disk for cleanup if necessary. Precision flatness on a platen is just a luxury. What I'm really after is a set of consistent radiused edges. My current glass platen is less than 3 months old, but the...
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    Precision platen?

    Who out there makes a decent precision platen? Dead flat, high grit finish, radiused edges, hardened steel? I'm thinking on keeping my regular glass platen for 99% of the work, but looking for something precision for the final grinding and plunge grinding. Yeah, I could make it myself if I...
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    Forged hunter for Blade

    Been working hard on potential JS submission blades. This one will probably make the cut. Forged 5160 and black ash burl (although my shop-addled brain said box elder in the video lol).
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    Blade Show Preview

    Well folks, we're down to less than a month before Blade Show. What are you bringing? Please post updates and pics! I'm playing for several teams... I got elected to the board of the Guild, and will be doing some guild business at the show. I'm also submitting knives for JS judging. I'm...
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    Older gold colored ceramic grinding belts??

    Yeah, the 3m 967's were yellow. Heck of a good belt. Once they changed the formulation, the current red/brown 967's are not near as good. I've started using the 984's instead, but I really liked the old yellow 967's better.
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    Thanks for the heads up, didn't know things were back to a mess again. Forwarded some stuff to the publisher for the 100th time... I will have about 60 copies in person at Blade Show.