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    Aftermarket sheath for Vic Huntsman?

    you can also go to victorinox web sit and get a genuine sheath i have one for my deluxe tinker and swiss champ for around 30 buck they work really well the one for the tinker is a clip on the champ belt.and their sheaths are well made i have had mine for 10 years still going strong.
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    Can a man own to many Swiss Army Knives?

    i have paid 700 for a custom knife but my favorite knife since i was 10 has been a victorinox so no i own 2 champs 1 deluxe tinker 1 aloe forget the model so no
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    Help with SAK model and Value

    i think its a copy good copy but a copy
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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    i like the deluxe tinker for my edc just purchased another deluxe tinker for my grandson he has wanted one since he was 7 he was sooo happy passing it on to another generation.
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    5.5" Green Beret - Camp knife chores

    I have Both The 7 inch and 5.5 I trust Both I have Had them 4+ Years now No issues trusted them when I bought them and I trust them now. I Don't put stock in videos that I believe have a agenda especially when they compare tool steel to non tool steel they are different. Its like comparing...
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    Benchmade 42 154cm up for grabs

    I with drew it didn't mean to cause confusion. After some soul searching I decided to keep it.
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    Benchmade 42 154cm up for grabs

    All offers replied to still available.
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    Benchmade 42 154cm up for grabs

    All emails replied to still available.
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    Benchmade 42 154cm up for grabs

    Withdrawn sorry for any confusion
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    Wtt benchmade 40t

    Gone pending transaction
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    Spyderco Warrior

    the warrior is the best fighter/ utillity knife around so its just outselling the production.
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    Im New...

    welcome to the forum and your next one should be a military or police 3. trust me they both are worth it.
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    Paramilitary2 or military?

    im also a big guy and i prefer the military for edc as well as a defense folder.
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    Is there a Spyderco manufacturing plant in the USA?

    well put companies like spyderco,Benchmade,Buck are why we have the quality cutlery today Buck helped us in ca be able to carry one hand openers.
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    just got my paracord bracelet and knife lanyard from paracord.com their products are top notch well made and reasonable in price check them out at para-cord.com
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    Military or Chinook

    the military will stand up to really hard use and keep smileing.
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    Military or Chinook

    depends on the use the chinook was made for self defence in mind the military for utility and defence. if you want a defense blade the chinook if utility and defence the military its that simple.
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    Just Released! Edge Angle Guide!

    it might help inexperienced sharpeners. ill get one some knives its hard to tell the angle of the edge.
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    Up for trade is a Bud Nealy fixed blade..

    i wish it was the 5inch but i have a bud nealey it hard to describe how well they carry. just it case you will email sent.