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    Any cool sites to finf japanese knives?

    I was on a couple sites last night that offers a selection of knives used everyday in japan. Things like kiridashis, horiculture knives, bush clearing knives. I was woundering if there were other sites like this. I think I went on a place last night called japanesewoodworking.com or something...
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    Carbon fiber kubaton?

    I've seen these around the forum. I though Snody made a few recently didn't he?? Well, I woundering if there were still available to buy. I don't live in the best part of town and I think this would be a good self defence tool while still being legal. Any information is helpful, thanks.
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    Need help finding rain cover for MP Pygmy Falcon ll

    I've been looking around for a rain cover for my pygmy falcon 2. The smallest size rain cover is for pack 1600-1800 cubic inches. The pygmy falcon 2 is only 1400 cubic in. Do you guys know of any rain covers that will fit a small day pack?
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    My day hike kit. (pics)

    How did you get the buckle off? That thing bothers the hell outta me. EDIT: Just took them off. Good Idea, those things are just annoying.
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    ZDP for hiking/backpacking

    Queen Cutlery makes carbon folders in D2 and 1095. They are slipjoints though. If you looks around you could probably find a cmpd2 spyderco military or para.
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    Please help select a new fixed blade -- which of these 2?

    If I had to choose I would get the activator. It has longer handle with scales already on it. You can already sharpen it with stones too. If you do not have convex edge sharpeing materials, you'll have to buy them too. I'm sure they are both great knives though. There is an almost religious...
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    Funny - wife's evaluation of T. Bose folder.

    Just don't let your wife sell your knives in a yardsell. I would crap if my wife let go some customs for 80 bux. God Bless
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    I Apologize!!!! Please Read this Thread...$$$

    How much of those brick did you get? How many onces was he trading?
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    now this is a proper bushcrafter knife!

    Thats pretty cool. I like when people do stuff like this.
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    What knife is this?

    That looks pretty cool. D2 is a wierd choice for a prybar knife though.
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    How do you sharpen a fallkniven h1?

    I was looking at pictures of the H! on fallky's site and the pics look like it's a convex knife. In the descriction it makes it look like a scandi knife. Fallkniven only sells diamond plates and stones for thier knives which is what you would use for a scandi. I know the F1 model is convexed and...
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    Good durable-useful multitool between 30-50$ ?

    Gerbers make some decent stuff for the money. Plenty of tools, the sheaths usually suck though. The leatherman blast is right at the price range. The leatherman wave is a little small though. I would get a leatherman supertool 300. That has all the tools of a wave plus it's a little bigger and...
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    Final production run Alox soldier?

    I have that same knife only with a loop, the kind of loop you see on old slips. Possibly a lanyard loop? It has all the same tools as above, got it at sportsmans in TX before they closed down.
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    My new Amar Singh Thapa birthday knife

    That' alot of steel.
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    Snody Kitchen Combat Sashimi..

    That looks great! What are the specs? How is it in the kitchen?
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    Good place to buy RC-6s?

    I've owned a RC4 before but I traded it over a year ago. I think I traded it because it was too small. I was given a RAT-5 and I hated it. I think it was because the blade had too short a cutting edge and it's choil wasn't needed. Pointed pommel too:thumbdn:. I've been eyeing a few knife in...
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    Does anybody use a woodman's pal machete?

    How do you guys like the WP compared to a 10"+ leuku?
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    Does anybody use a woodman's pal machete?

    I've seen these in my local surplus store and they always seems to have a light from the machete gods shining down on it. Anyways, I've been in need of a nice chopper for a while now. I've looked at axes, tomohawks, big knives and machetes. These seem to get positive reviews from youtubers but...
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    How does the bk2 do chopping?

    I know this knife is pretty short but it has a .25" stock and it's heavier than the bk7, so it's makes me think it would chop better than a bk7. I was thinking about getting a 13 inch axe to stick in the pack but the bk2 popped into my head. It's more useful than an axe obviously and it'll pack...