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  1. Pack Rat

    271 custom scales

    Texas Knifemaker Supply lists G10 in Orange. Various sizes...
  2. Pack Rat

    Buck Tactical Fixed blade knives list from 184 till present

    450 Per an old post by Joe H. Its buried in these threads somewhere.
  3. Pack Rat

    Buck Tactical Fixed blade knives list from 184 till present

    Does anyone remember how many of the 890/650 were made? Seems like a very small amount. oops,,, Never mind... Found the answer
  4. Pack Rat

    $447.00 Micarta 112

    Geeeeeze,,, i'd take that in a heart beat for one of mine...
  5. Pack Rat

    Date Codes

    Jeff, You or David feel free to ad to or delete the sticky Date Code thread with my name on it and put up a nice new one. I did lock that thread so folks wouldn't turn it into a discussion thread
  6. Pack Rat

    Anybody strop their knives?

    When I bought my wife beater, I mean strop, The guy that made it loaded the rough side with Polishing whatever. He told me to just lay the blade flat as dragging it will compress the leather up to the blade edge. Or words to that effect.. I figure its personal preference and learning what...
  7. Pack Rat

    Anybody strop their knives?

    This may have been discussed already,,but... When you strop are you laying the blade down flat or holding it up at an angle.. ?
  8. Pack Rat

    112 Double Dash Date Code

    My dash 112 is just a single..
  9. Pack Rat

    Underrated Bucks

    I have a couple from about 2005 that I still frequently carry. A 179 and the smaller 174. They are a Buck/Mayo collaboration and were Made in China. Both are frame lockers and easy one hand open/close. The clip works real easy. And are the only knives I have with a 2005 T laying on the...
  10. Pack Rat

    110 Wet Sheath

    Before Soooo, then I have a tan 100 year sheath that is kind of shelf worn and stuffed it in the jar along with some oddball black non buck sheath. Just took it out of the jar after several days and it darkened it up a bit. I think it looks a bit better. fun with sheaths.. The after pic...
  11. Pack Rat

    110 Wet Sheath

    I have done the process described by Old Biker above and was able to stretch the sheath to fit one of the 110 two liners. But,,, As it soaked the black die began coming out into the jar. I found that interesting and just left it for several days. Interestingly enough it turned the light tan...
  12. Pack Rat

    110 Wet Sheath

    I have spot tested several black sheaths and have yet to find another two tone. Thanks for the stretch/ shrinkage hints guys!
  13. Pack Rat

    110 Wet Sheath

    Thank you OB!! I will try that. On Both Sheaths.
  14. Pack Rat

    110 Wet Sheath

    Some of you may remember me posting about a 110 still in a clammie that I bought off of ebay years ago. The ad clearly stated that it had been under water for some period of time. So I got it cheap. When it arrived and I opened it up the knife was fine, but the sheath was seriously molded and...
  15. Pack Rat

    Buck 110 Pro is Broken...

    Note to self... Put a drop of oil on this mess of 110s that seem to have taken up residence on my desk. :rolleyes::)
  16. Pack Rat

    for winter, what Buck ya carrying and how cold is it...

    Its 25 and a light snow right now here in West Central Texas. White stuff been on the ground several days now. Rare happening for this area. Rolling power outages, but have left water dripping so only one pipe burst so far. But dropping into mid to low teens again tonight. So im not...
  17. Pack Rat

    Buck 110 Ford Model T Salvage project

    I can see a ford theme. I have some really old wrenches that have ford on them..
  18. Pack Rat

    Buck 110 Ford Model T Salvage project

    Totally amazing!!!!
  19. Pack Rat

    Buck 120

    Hawkeye is probably in the same shape as we are. Or he is out making snow angels.. But ours is ICE..
  20. Pack Rat

    Spa treatment ???

    Any one ever tried super blue gun bluing on a knife... ?