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  1. tleav61

    Show Me Your Ivory ;)

    I’d like to find me an old case xx like yours, covered in ivory.
  2. tleav61

    Bark Mammoth Slip Joint - SOLD

    Could I get your email and send you a picture of one of your previous knives? Also, I have tons of scales and I could send you a set for the knife. I’m not looking for a discount, just the perfect scales to put on it. I’ve done this with Dowell, Davison, Duncan, and Menefee, to name a few. Thanks
  3. tleav61

    Bark Mammoth Slip Joint - SOLD

    I haven’t been on this site for several years. After seeing your custom, I’m going to be checking in more often. Sorry I missed it. Really nice.
  4. tleav61

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    I like them all, and I agree with Chris, that old front pocket grabs me, too. Nice trio.
  5. tleav61

    Jim Dunlap knives

    This is my latest favorite Sunday carry from Jim Dunlap. 4" Lannys. Thanks again Jim!
  6. tleav61

    Eureka Jack in Box Elder ( sold )

    Another winner Joe. So reasonable, too. I like the design, a lot.
  7. tleav61

    Jim Dunlap knives

    Just received this beauty from Jim. (Jim Dunlap's pictures) My favorite to date. Enjoy.
  8. tleav61

    Bret Dowell Knives

    Just received from Bret a couple days ago. 3-1/4" Swayback.
  9. tleav61

    Bret Dowell Knives

    Sweet Hunter, Jake.
  10. tleav61

    Bret Dowell Knives

    Wow!!!, super nice Paul.
  11. tleav61

    Bret Dowell Knives

    A lot less expensive than Ivory, too. Bret makes a nice LC, Rod.
  12. tleav61

    Bret Dowell Knives

    They don't get any better than that (Saddlehorn). I have one coming in the next day or two, as well. Ill post some pics soon.
  13. tleav61

    Blacklip MOP Gentlemans Folder

    That's a purdy one. Nice job Alan.
  14. tleav61

    Backpocket in O1 and Vintage Butterscotch Canvas Micarta

    Evan is one of the best. Really nice Backpocket.
  15. tleav61

    Amber Stag Slip Joint Knife

    And right at the size that carries in the pocket......just right.......nice!
  16. tleav61

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    I hear you, Vince. Also, yeah, that is a sweetheart knife.
  17. tleav61

    Brent Cramer 3 3/4" Gunstock & Barbwire

    Very nice Brent.
  18. tleav61

    Davison - Slip Joint Knife - USA

    Like it!