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  1. sqoon

    Not round holes

  2. sqoon

    Not round holes

    I totally agree, and I think you put it perfectly. Thank you. But the thing I'm saying is that if you aren't gonna do the hole, go with something that isn't going to irritate me every time I use it. By not copying Spyderco, they're really just calling attention to the fact that they are not...
  3. sqoon

    Not round holes

    Really? I mean, that is great that you like them! Whatever works is cool, but can you explain why? When I press a non round hole with my thumb and twist it, the pad of my thumb kinda pinches and has to rub against the hole in a way that isn't painful, but is really noticeable and weird.
  4. sqoon

    Not round holes

    Is it just me, or does it seem that knife makers don't seem to understand that cutting a hole in your knife to serve as a place for your thumb only works if the hole is round? It feels like everyone wants to have that interesting look to their knife that a hole somehow lends, but because they...
  5. sqoon

    What's new?

    The 24 looks great! I kinda dropped out around the time of the tweeners. Haven't picked one up. I kinda doubt I will. Still waiting on a folder, however.
  6. sqoon

    What's new?

    Hey, Beckerheads! BH #11 checking in! I've been away for longer than I can recall, which is odd considering how important this forum was/is to me. I've moved around in my career quite a bit this past year, as well as having gone through a number of pretty big personal changes. Knives just...
  7. sqoon

    Re-coating a BK-7

    I just used some Birchwood Casey gun blue. The darkest offered. My BK7 is smooth, but nice and evenly dark. It's gorgeous.
  8. sqoon

    Maxpedition Falcon II

    I bought a Maxpedition Falcon II backpack in Black about a year ago. I took it out once for a two hour hike with minimal gear and a very light load. It wasn't for me. The pack is clean and has been in a smoke-free home. All straps are intact. The fabric is still stiff and not broken in, nor...
  9. sqoon

    KA-BAR Phat Bob and Al Mar SLB

    The Phat Bob has been sold.
  10. sqoon

    KA-BAR Phat Bob and Al Mar SLB

    I have a NIB Al Mar SLB. Never used, carried or sharpened. $90 shipped. Also, a KA-BAR Phat Bob. NIB. Never used, carried or sharpened. There is a big of a scratch on the back spacer. Looks like someone mucked it up when buffing it, but it is minor, cosmetic, and will likely either wear out...
  11. sqoon

    half stops.... (bit of gore)

    Despite the enthusiasm here for them, I returned my Case Peanut after only a day of carry. I couldn't get over the half-stop. For me, it just seemed like an accident waiting to happen. To each his own, but I did not care for it and I now stay away from them entirely.
  12. sqoon

    Favorite Canoe?

    Hey, all! I've been away from BFC for a while now. Looking to pickup a new knife and I got a hankering for another Canoe. I was wondering if you all had any suggestions for a good Canoe before I just go and pickup another Case. Currently my favorite is the Case in CV, although I was given a...
  13. sqoon

    Best Spyderco For The Money?

    Delica 4. The knife continues to be perfected. Every detail has had major attention paid to it many times over.
  14. sqoon

    What do you guys think about 'Extra' blade safety locks?

    Stupid. Useless. Clumsy. Awkward. Frustrating. I could go on, but I'll need a thesaurus.
  15. sqoon

    Beckerheads on Instagram?

    Following. notonlybutalsopete is my username. No knife pics yet, but I guess I'll have to start...
  16. sqoon

    NIB AL Mar SLB

    I have a brand new Al Mar SLB. Never used or carried. Hasn't cut a thing. Not even paper. Firm on $90 shipped. Paypal and ConUS shipping only.
  17. sqoon

    Condor Fidelis

    My Fidelis came today. No time for pics or a video. Hopefully soon. My initial impressions are very positive. Feels good in the hand. It is thin, but with a knife that small, I can't see how being too thick would be a plus. Seems like a great neck knife that has some strengths over some of the...
  18. sqoon

    What do you do when you mess up a trade?

    What he said. You obviously had nothing to gain by sending it to the wrong city, so this was clearly a mistake. Those happen. Sending him something else might be nice, but certainly not obligatory. I would post positive feedback to help the new member get established, and probably even...
  19. sqoon

    Just lost a $300 knife with USPS...

    That sounds horrible. I'm sorry, man. Say, I haven't read through all of the posts here, so I don't know if anyone suggested it, but have you thought about going door to door and asking if the postman delivered a package to them "accidentally"? Perhaps say it was a gift from a family member...