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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Been on a Miller Bros. kick lately.
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    Stripping question

    I just coated mine in Citristrip and let them sit for a couple of hours. Use a scotch brite pad and a little elbow grease for the nooks and crannies. The coating basically wiped right off.
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    Swamp Rat pics!

    Coffee darkened, differentially tempered SR101. My old SRKW Battle Rat. With new Kydex.
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    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I just had my well used Battle Rat sitting in the instant coffee all weekend. It looks amazing.
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    I P&L this knife !!!!

    I hope this makes it. I was an alternate but none of you backed out. haha
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    Recommend a rugged wakizashi for a manly man

    Here's a link to a Youtube video. Not the same as the M3 Waki's they're making now, but similar.
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    Recommend a rugged wakizashi for a manly man

    Z Wear PM steel. Titanium tsuba. G10 scales.
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    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    Society holds me back.
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    The "P&L Statement" Is Coming Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    What's a gem of a knife. Fingers crossed this makes it to the website. Enjoy you guys. Lucky dogs.
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    Recommendation? Decision, decisions.... Advice for a newbie?

    The JH-10 is such a classic, old school Bowie without all the fancy hilt/guard embellishments. I was sceptical at first, but it's a brilliant knife. Would make a great fighter as it's light and fast with great reach and an expansive cutting edge and that classic clipped point. Also great for...
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    Mega Ratmandu Field Report?

    Took the dog and the RMD for a hike today to try it out a bit. Obviously not a chopper, but it had the weight behind the edge to chop. Great for battoning, though it does split the grain well ahead of the edge. That massive shoulder does all the work. Tip seems well reiniforced for...
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    Mega Ratmandu Field Report?

    I'm sure they'll have some kind of RMD back soon. The Mega is a sweet blade, very well balanced, with an incredible handle. I think as a proof of concept the Mega had served it's purpose. It's a lot of grinding and material turned to chips/dust.
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    What steel?

    Here's a good video on how these new steels are made.
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    What steel?

    Blade geometry is going to be more important than which steel, between those two choices. Something with a stout tip.