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  1. trevitrace

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    Used the fk's doohickey today. 😁
  2. trevitrace

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    Would copperhead fall under the red or brown category? Looks like ivory ain't gonna make it and I really like how that copperhead looks.
  3. trevitrace

    Happy 5th birthday to the CPK sub-forum :)

    Congrats, guys! Been a pretty good ride so far.
  4. trevitrace

    Fishing, and hunting reports (share yours)

    I knew cassowaries were a thing in parts of Australia but never realized emus were as well.
  5. trevitrace

    The K390 Thread - Photos and Experiences

    In my experience with Spyderco's take on both those, cruwear has less wear resistance, is slightly tougher, and is a good amount more corrosion resistant.
  6. trevitrace

    Random Thought Thread

    What he was asking was still a bit more than I'm looking to spend on one. Congrats on the incoming new knife.
  7. trevitrace

    Random Thought Thread

    @Standard78 thanks for snagging that 77. If it was still there by this afternoon I may have caved. 😁
  8. trevitrace

    CPK Pet Thread

    Good-looking dog. Max, right? He and the golden getting along any better?
  9. trevitrace


    I'm excited for a cpkitchen blade. We cook nearly every day so it'd likely see more use than any of the other cpks. Something with a 7-8" blade would be :thumbsup:
  10. trevitrace

    Blade Show

    Hot damn Mark looks fast with that haircut.
  11. trevitrace


    For real? Sonofa...
  12. trevitrace

    Blade Show

    You, too? 😁 Congrats to you then as well.
  13. trevitrace

    CPK Boot Daggers

  14. trevitrace

    Attention Well, what form should our BF Forum knife's bone handles take for 2021??

    Those all look great, but the more pictures I see of aged white bone the more inclined I am to change my vote (if possible). I like that it develops some character over time.
  15. trevitrace

    Sale Proxy Requests

    I'll take a tater knife if by some miracle there's one there. 😁
  16. trevitrace

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    I didn't realize the k2 was quite that big.
  17. trevitrace

    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, 6" Utility Fighter 2

    Oh, what the hell, one in terotuf, please. Regular dark fasteners if that's still an option. Thanks, team cpk! 6/10 emailed