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  1. untytled

    SODBUSTERS... bust 'em out, work 'em hard and show 'em off

    I mean you were there... you had to pick one up. I would've done the same. The top one looks almost burgundy in this photo. But I suspect Natural Canvas with a fair amount of use??
  2. untytled

    Lets talk GEC!

    .... and here we gooooo. 🤎 🤎 🤎
  3. untytled

    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎 These are jaw dropping good looking.
  4. untytled

    Lets talk GEC!

    Beautiful! Great pickup! And very fitting for you. I'm a big fan of the ez pocket congress in that configuration.
  5. untytled

    FS: GEC 71s & 89

    All sold. Thank you blade forums
  6. untytled

    FS: GEC 71s & 89

    @bearded-one replied to you message on my wall 👍🏻
  7. untytled

    FS: GEC 71s & 89

    Hello all! I have for sale today a Green and Red linen bullnose #71. Also selling a glow in the dark 89. These are all new, never carried and unused. The original tubes and wax paper are also included. Asking prices include all fees and insured USPS shipping within the US only please. PayPal...
  8. untytled

    FS: GEC 62s & an Albers Cutlery co

    @Suave doesn't look like you have the ability for p.m. I left my address on your profile wall
  9. untytled

    What Makes a Good, Traditional Barlow?

    Love that bolster... ....And it's extremely useful for it's size
  10. untytled

    FS: GEC 78 and 89

    Hello all! I have for sale today a GEC 78 and 89. GEC 78 American Jack Clip main and pen secondary. Knife came to me new and unused. And has remained that way. There are a fair amount of handling/admiration marks from previous the owner and a few pepper spots on the blades and springs...
  11. untytled

    The TRADITIONAL sunday picture show!!!!

    Good morning. I very much enjoy this photo so I'll drop it in here.
  12. untytled

    2021 GEC #71 Bull Nose

    After the patina gets going you should be able to just pinch it open and save your nails.
  13. untytled

    2021 GEC #71 Bull Nose

    I doubt it will lessen. But with use it will smoothen out and that in itself will make it easier and more enjoyable to open. Keep flushing the joint every so often and that should help a bit too. 👍🏼
  14. untytled

    2021 GEC #71 Bull Nose

    Some more shots before it got pocketed. The red is for my brother in law.
  15. untytled

    2021 GEC #71 Bull Nose

    Thank you Barrett. I believe it was listed as gold when I purchased it but it's definitely yellow/orange or is it orange/yellow. 😆
  16. untytled

    2021 GEC #71 Bull Nose

    I've noticed that too! Also noticed the liners seem to be finished differently somehow. Could just be my perception but my older ones ( I had a variety) I remember having a sharp transition at the steel liner into the blade well. Sharp 90 degrees at that point. When I gripped down on the...