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    Edge Pro Matrix resin bond diamond stones

    Here is the best image I can find of what I am talking about. This is using a Matrix 9000 stone on my Henckels santoku, details matter. Notice that many of those scratches point to damage to the edge. I really think the stone is grabing either burrs or the apex and pulling it between the stone...
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    Edge Pro Matrix resin bond diamond stones

    It sounds like your 4k stone is contaminated and needs to be dressed to clean it up. 10-15 seconds with the 240 grit Alox on a flat plate is all it needs to be working like new. Have you been using edge leading strokes with the 4k? IME this is the fastest way to "contaminate" the stone so it...
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    Nano Hone NL-10

    The mud is small crystals of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide that are especially sharp since they are freshly broken down, used in a way that is about the most aggressive method of manual grinding, just as you have noticed in your last sentence. They erode the metal holding the diamond...
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    Recommendation? Cutting up Naniwa Japanese Diamond for Tsprof Blitz

    I've inadvertently tried cutting aluminum up with my wet saw with a diamond blade and it didn't go so well. I have cut up mild steel and carbide rods with success, but don't use your good blade.
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    Recommendation? Cutting up Naniwa Japanese Diamond for Tsprof Blitz

    I wonder what type of blade they used to cut them on a tile saw? The resin/diamond would be hard on a carbide blade and the aluminum would be brutal to cut with a diamond blade. I know Gritomatic has some of the Jende diamond stones in the EP format. Come to think of it, the stones Gritomatic...
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    Recommendation? Cutting up Naniwa Japanese Diamond for Tsprof Blitz

    I would be very worried that they would delaminate when getting cut. If they didn't and it worked out just swell then what you are left with are 1/2" thick stones without the dovetail ends to locate with. While the extra thickness and blank ends are not quite "deal killers" they would certainly...
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    Stacked Leather + Resin/Epoxy = Leather Micarta?

    With a very slow cure low viscosity resin I would think you could vacuum degass it then stack to cure. You may need to control the temperature of the resin to retard the cure while degassing. It would be a PITA procedure but I would think quite doable. Also the thinner the leather the quicker it...
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    Columbia Gorge Stoneworks Resin Bond Diamond Stones

    I want to keep the exact resin to myself but you can use oil with them, preferably simple mineral oil. I know some solvents will attack the resin but I would think synthetic lapping fluid would be ok, but no guarantees. I find water with a hint of dish soap is best. The only downside is it...
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    6x1 stone holder/case?

    Have you seen the plywood cases Gritomatic has?
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    Oiling carbon fibre scales possible?

    The same goes for G10. If possible do any grinding, cutting or sanding wet. Like with stones on a knife the water will help lubricate and clear the swarf.
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    Oiling carbon fibre scales possible?

    Think of them as G10 with hopefully better resin. They should not absorb anything. Generally, micarta uses phenolic resin which will not wet out the fibers as well as polyester or better yet epoxy, which is why you can dye it.
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    Chasing the edge

    It could be what you are using to abrade with too. You need all three to work in harmony, change one and it may affect the other two.
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    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    That is looking real nice! It looks like they might be ready???
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    Lawn mower blades

    I just use a file or angle grinder depending on how much it needs and whether it's the field blade or lawn blade. Since these blades are so soft I don't think it's worth much effort since it will lose its edge very quickly, at least the blades on my mower.
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    Advice on removing convex and modifying to compound bevel

    Depending on just how much bevel you wish to make it will take hours with your Venev 80, but a whole lot safer. Grinding big bevels manually is a true test of patience, monk-like patience, but it will be a flatter bevel than done with a belt sander. It will give you time to change your mind...
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    Advice on removing convex and modifying to compound bevel

    I don't see why not, but you're going to want a belt sander to do it with. I must add that I am not sure I would want to learn how to do it with that knife though.
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    Columbia Gorge Stoneworks Resin Bond Diamond Stones

    I get Particle Size Distribution charts with all of my diamond powder but am not 100% sure how to read all of it. For the last batch of 5 micron powder I got the average size is 5.869, median or 50% above and below size is 5.796, average surface area size is 5.184, mode or size of most frequency...
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    Columbia Gorge Stoneworks Resin Bond Diamond Stones

    I am starting this thread for tech support of my bench stones, just like I did for the Matrix stones. I am linking to it on the Technical Support page of my website hoping most tech help and general questions can be answered here. Since I am a one person shop it's hard to impossible to answer...
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    Recommendations on who can mill out solid titanium scales?

    Ti isn't easy and depending on the alloy can be real tough. I would think holding onto the scales to machine them may be a pretty big challenge too.