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  1. Michael Sankewitsch

    M4 940

    I don't understand why BM feels the need to coat all their M4 blades. Yes, I know it's a BHQ exclusive, but, the Super Phreak. That would have looked so much better without the coating. I know I'm not the only one, guess we don't number enough.
  2. Michael Sankewitsch

    Convince me on the bugout- should I get one?

    I went looking at the bugout with purpose over a year ago and could not get past the uncomfortable shortness of the handle - ever so slightly shorter than I want, so, I ended up with a 940, after ignoring them for years. Wish I had not ignored the 940 for so long! I didn't like the cartridge...
  3. Michael Sankewitsch

    Recommendation? Which one first?

    I have the Super Freek and at one time went looking for a smaller, lighter, slimmer good daily carry for work to whatever I ask within reason. I set my sights on a BO, went and looked/played and could not get past the fact that it just did not feel right, for whatever reason - too short, too...
  4. Michael Sankewitsch


    Found one! Born on date less than 90 days ago. Nicely centered, fit and finish is perfect, snaps open with authority! Looks good too. First thing I notice is the weight is towards the blade, as opposed to pretty even on the 940 with the same scales. I'll chime in again after some use.
  5. Michael Sankewitsch


    There is an auto 940 now. The mediator has a different (if same class) blade shape than the osborne, it's tip is somewhere between reverse tanto and drop point IMO. Weight is a bit differnt, if that's your thing, the steel is different, though you can get a 940 auto with SV90 or M390 or some...
  6. Michael Sankewitsch

    The RAT, the hype is real!

    o_O I did! Got it in coyote brown, first thing I did was order a deep carry clip. Carried it for a week or so in my fifth pocket - this is a nice little cutter! ALMOST too small for my meathooks, but it works. Light weight, solid feel, I am very pleased. The deep carry clip came in about a week...
  7. Michael Sankewitsch

    New(ish) member. I thought I'd post up my current collection:

    I like it! Yet another I will have to keep an eye open for. :rolleyes:
  8. Michael Sankewitsch

    New(ish) member. I thought I'd post up my current collection:

    The second one down is the 140 - I was referring to the third one down as the modified Cub (145) - if not that, what is it? That is exactly what I would do to my 145 if I found another with less run of the mill steel.
  9. Michael Sankewitsch

    New(ish) member. I thought I'd post up my current collection:

    Nice set! What is the top one and did you get the cub that way or have it modded? Except for the serrations, I like it and if I get a second one, depending on it's scarcity I would do the same thing. The one I have is a run of the mill 154CM (early edition?) with the tang that overflows around...
  10. Michael Sankewitsch

    Rat 1 scales

    Ok, we will see if the pictures post... Well I guess if you aren't a gold member, or use an approved hosting site (smugmug not being one?) the pictures will not post - OR, I am doing something wrong, and that is entirely possible. Anyway, the scales look and feel great and the deep pocket...
  11. Michael Sankewitsch

    Deep Carry Clip

    OP - did you call or email them for the new clips? What was your process?
  12. Michael Sankewitsch

    Announcing the NEW 535-1901 Bugout!

    Ewww. Was never a fan of the 535 to begin with, and those scales?! Good thing I really don't like the knife to begin with.
  13. Michael Sankewitsch

    Best 940 variation?

    Mine, good ole -2. Ti scales are pretty cool, but I'd rather not spend the cost of the knife again.
  14. Michael Sankewitsch

    Traditional Knife and Gun Picture Thread

    Yes, a well oiled Rat came with us today.
  15. Michael Sankewitsch

    Rat 1 scales

    So sometime between Dec 15th and Jan 10th I should receive a set of Ice (Jade Ghost) scales. Sooner than that, I should get a deep pocket clip. Looking forward to the "bling"!
  16. Michael Sankewitsch

    Rat 1 scales

    Thank you @Biochemdawg - first one of three that is currently producing them and has them on hand. Be a bit before they will get to me, but that's fine. He has some awesome Grip scales too! Thanks again for the referral!
  17. Michael Sankewitsch

    Rat 1 scales

    I've done the searches - nothing comes up that is current, the only person I can find that still does them, not while school is in session. Any other suggestions? And no, I can't do my own. I did find a deep carry clip though! :)
  18. Michael Sankewitsch

    Custom Made Knife Scales

    Are you still making RAT 1 scales?
  19. Michael Sankewitsch

    The RAT, the hype is real!

    No way! R2D2! Have seen it, just got it! There is something wrong with y'all! And you are right, now I MUST get an RIIDII, AUS8 is gonna have to wait.
  20. Michael Sankewitsch

    The RAT, the hype is real!

    LOL!! Mine just arrived in the mailbox today. Coyote D2 R1. Had it not been called to my attention as an inexpensive D2 blade, I likely never would have gotten it. Now that I have it, I have to say I am very pleased with the blade and handle and edge geometry. The snap and pop, I am sorry I...