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  1. Jakedsnake

    Bark Rivers

    Sorry I forgot to update the sale. Both knives are sold!
  2. Jakedsnake

    Bark Rivers

    Letting a few Barkies go. PayPal G&S, shipping USPS priority CONUS lower 48. Both knives are LNIB, unused and unsharpened. Only taken out of the box and looked at, and then kept in the safe. Decided if I wasn’t going to use them I’m going to sell them. Priced to sell! State “I’ll take it” in the...
  3. Jakedsnake

    Bark Rivers

    Got a couple Barkies up for grabs. Both are Brand new with box. They have never been used or sharpened. Only thing that differs from their original form is I removed the sheaths from their plastic bags and removed the tissue from the knives. Both were impulse buys that I just can’t justify...
  4. Jakedsnake

    GEC T/C Barlow in Sepia Saw Cut

    SOLD! $260 PayPal G&S Next day USPS priority shipping CONUS lower 48 First I’ll take it gets it followed by PM. Up for grabs is a BNIT T/C in Sepia Saw Cut from the last run. Snagged it from one of the dealers on the drop and it’s been sitting on the dresser since. Still has the factory oil...
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    Sounds good throw me a pm for PayPal
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    Price: $175 First I’ll take it gets it. Up for grabs is one of the recent run Maher & Grosh trapper knives in Ebony made by Great Eastern Cutlery. Beautiful knife that was an impulse buy for me, and has just been sitting in the safe since I bought it. I only took it out of the package once to...
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    Trifecta of Traditionals

    My favorite 3 keyhole (poo) shield knives
  8. Jakedsnake

    Grinling in Gabon Ebony

    I’ve got a GEC #38 Grinling Whittler in Gabon Ebony that I’m looking to trade for a GEC Northfied in Ivory. Always wanted to get my hands on one, but haven’t been successful. Figured I’d throw up one of my highly desirable knives to try and get my hands on one! Throw me a PM if you have one and...
  9. Jakedsnake

    GEC #23 Beaver single blade lock back

    Price- $110. SOLD First I’ll take it followed by PM gets it! Up for grabs is a current run #23 Beaver Tail Single Blade Lock Back. I snagged one from one of GEC’s dealers last Friday and received it today. I wanted to handle one and see how I like it, but it’s just to much pocket knife for me...
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    GEC’s out the safe

    #92 jigged is SPF to Bo Sturgill
  11. Jakedsnake

    GEC’s out the safe

    #85 SPF to Right Angle
  12. Jakedsnake

    GEC’s out the safe

    #64 Babylon Hill is sold.
  13. Jakedsnake

    GEC’s out the safe

    Today I’m offering up some more of my hard to acquire GEC’s that really just never see the light of day. First I’ll take it followed by Private Message gets it. Shipped via USPS and US CONUS only unless other arrangements are made via PM. *ALL SOLD* 1. Sold $300- #85 Bullet Jack 2 blade (Mike...
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    Mammoth Mondays - because everyone feels extinct on Monday

    A little mammoth for Friday because I couldn’t wait until Monday! ;)
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    Great Eastern Cutlery ( GEC ) group shots / photo requests

    My three favorite patterns #76, #92, & #38