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  1. jeffsenpai

    Anyone Take A Second Look at Ka-Bar's TDI Astro MP?

    To me it just seems like a light hearted "joke" run of knives. No harm done in it. Of course we know there is no real space force (yet). Just as I know there are no donut-wielding dessert warriors out there, but nonetheless the dessert warrior knives are fun to buy and collect. The only reason...
  2. jeffsenpai

    Removing sold prices

    I am firmly in the camp of leaving the price available in the thread. Most of my fun browsing the sales section is not even to buy, but just to see the awesome stuff that has sold. Seeing the price removed takes away some of the fun browsing the sale forums. If I could mind control Spark for a...
  3. jeffsenpai

    Boker Plus these days o.0

    Boker Plus has its place. The Smatchet does a lot of things right, and for the right price.
  4. jeffsenpai

    Do you keep your knife boxes/packaging?

    Exactly! I will kick myself if I ended up throwing away a collectible/classic box. Like that Spyderco you have, sometimes the boxes are just neat themselves.
  5. jeffsenpai

    Do you keep your knife boxes/packaging?

    I try to keep all the boxes and material that come with my knives, but my shelves were getting slowly overloaded. I decided to purge some of the boxes of my cheapy user knives that I know will have no real value, but I still held on to as many as I could. I know I am still missing boxes since...
  6. jeffsenpai

    Recommendation? Looking for a moderately large, sturdy folder for under $100

    Cold Steel 4Max Scout - 82.95 at one dealer.
  7. jeffsenpai

    Attention Handle Material for the 2021 BF knife!! 1st Poll

    Please Wood or Micarta. Bone would be least preferred.
  8. jeffsenpai

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    Don't listen to naysayers. The last thing anyone wants is a huge "CHINA" marking on the blade. Period, the end. Don't even let anyone drag you into an argument, these are your knives, you make them the way you envision them. Anyone dropping this kind of money on a knife is a fool if they did not...
  9. jeffsenpai

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    So many of these look amazing, cannot wait till they hit the market. Make many many of them!
  10. jeffsenpai

    Civivi vs Kizer Vanguard?

    Interesting. I have used my swaggs swayback more than any other knife since buying it, it's superb. I like Civivi and Kizer, but Kizer tends to have more interesting designs. All too many Civivis look to alike one another and it is hard to distinguish among them all.
  11. jeffsenpai

    Let's have a little knife scale discussion

    My only dislikes are stag, horn, and bone. Especially with jigged texture. eww.
  12. jeffsenpai

    Why is the Swiss Army classic, a "classic"?

    Haha I guess more people use the scissors than I took into account for! Still love the Rally though!
  13. jeffsenpai

    Why is the Swiss Army classic, a "classic"?

    Semi-rant here. I enjoy collecting and the idea of collecting Swiss Army knives with unique scales, and there are so many variants of the Classic out there with some really nifty designs. They make great gifts too, since you can tailor the knife to the interests of your giftee. My only...
  14. jeffsenpai

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    I love that Oil Sucker Rod Wood, for the name at least. But most of those options look great. The glitter 😍
  15. jeffsenpai

    PSA on taking the kershaw bareknuckle apart

    Good to know. I may have to try this on mine!
  16. jeffsenpai

    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Looks good. Didn't post counts used to show up under our avatar and names? Is that an option somewhere?
  17. jeffsenpai

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    As am I. Hoping for some sort of micarta/wood covers of some variety, not a fan of animal based "natural" materials.
  18. jeffsenpai

    Artisan Centauri

    That sounds a bit harsh. I love his designs, and would not be able to own a single one had he not "sold his soul" to the Chinese.