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  1. highestpoint

    The practice of loaning knives

    Typically the people I’m around who need a knife and don’t have them also question me on why it’s a hobby for me and why I choose to spend as much as I do on them. I just brush it off and ask what needs cut and do it myself if tell them to get a more proper tool. In other aspects, I do have a...
  2. highestpoint

    CHRIS REEVE: Thumb- Numb- Zaan

    Lol muh knive don’t flick opun. It’z defictive. Give the majority of non knife people any thumb stud opener and what do they do. Push the blade open, then wrist flick it the rest of the way. That doesn’t mean it’s the action. It’s the manipulation of the knife they don't know. Definitely...
  3. highestpoint

    which one is tougher?

    Is this 2013.. 2014 maybe? just kidding but all seriousness these two have probably been the most compared knives in recent years. Personally I think the Pm2 won that overall war due to a variety of things but mainly, the sprint runs. The different steel models that have come out since the pm2...
  4. highestpoint

    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    its probably just not had a proper heat treat
  5. highestpoint

    choose one: balisong or automatic out the front

    That’s why you have to give zero f’s as for me. I vote otf. Only because of the ease of opening/closing one handed
  6. highestpoint

    Help Me With My First Nice Fixed Blade

    I highly recommend the winkler
  7. highestpoint

    Kershaw Skyline discontinued??? Seriously????

    As soon as I finally wanted to purchase one too
  8. highestpoint

    What the heck is this knife for? Butter?

    Looks like they designed it with the “how large can we make our logo font” in mind
  9. highestpoint

    Recommendation? $700ish, what should I be looking at?

    Personally I would hold out for a Rockstead. They can be found at the price occasionally
  10. highestpoint

    Are Kershaw speedsafes reliable?

    From the models I’ve had, I prefer to remove the spring and use it manually.
  11. highestpoint

    Do you ever feel that some struggle to find fault with certain knives?

    People have opinions. That’s theirs and that’s okay
  12. highestpoint

    Disassembly pics?

    I took apart a benchmade mini infidel because it wasn’t firing correctly. Fixed it up and took pictures you can see on page 2 or 3. I should take apart my ultratech just to show on here but functionally it’s fine so I guess I’ll hold off.. for now
  13. highestpoint

    Disassembly pics?

    thanks! It’s not the first socom I’ve taken apart but it’s never a ton of fun. So many pieces. they are retained in a plastic type material like the Southard (I’ve also taken one apart). Not my preferred material but it works alright.
  14. highestpoint

    Winkler belt knife

    Just contact winkler.. you’ll probably just need to send them back for a new edge.
  15. highestpoint

    Disassembly pics?

    I’ve been looking for this thread, so thank you to whoever dug it up. Haven’t posted on this thread since 2017 but I’ve been taking all my knives apart. Here’s another submission. edit: to add this was also on my kitchen counter. I took it apart and back together in about 5 minutes. Not...
  16. highestpoint

    Folding knife made of a wrench

    My guess is that the piece made will end up being bought as a piece of art. Something made from quality steel would be better served as a user. Sadly the piece of art will probably sell for more.
  17. highestpoint

    2021 Top 10 list.

    I don’t even have 10 brands i truly enough enough to spend money on. Maybe 4-5 at most