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  1. knife_fan

    Attention Pick a Color! Any Color!!

    Picked white ivory. Shocked that red is in the lead. Have people forgotten how inconsistent GEC is with red dye?
  2. knife_fan

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    I owned a couple of those cheap out the front auto knives. They were complete junk, steel couldn't hold any sort of edge. Ended up breaking them and throwing them in the trash.
  3. knife_fan

    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    Not all knives have it, but it's not uncommon. Below is a picture of an american elk 99 with the gap
  4. knife_fan

    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    Not sure about the previous 83 run, but it seems common for GEC lock backs to have the gap. My GEC 72 has it.
  5. knife_fan

    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    Slight up/down play, not much. Fit is a solid snap. Lock bar sits higher than the blade spine.
  6. knife_fan

    2021 GEC 83 Tascosa Lock Back

    Finally received a GEC 83, and my first knife in bocote wood. Love the grain on this one.
  7. knife_fan

    Attention Well, what form should our BF Forum knife's bone handles take for 2021??

    I like the idea for smooth ivory to pair with the previous #86 forum knife.
  8. knife_fan

    A.G. Russell Wharncliffe Swayback Jack

    Just not feeling this knife. Mainly due to the shield, and price. Nice to see more swayback offerings though.
  9. knife_fan

    New Spyderco Swayback

    Selling a new in pouch Spyderco Swayback - Sold I accept PayPal Goods & Services. No trades at this time.
  10. knife_fan

    Modern Lambsfoot?

    Count me in! 🙂
  11. knife_fan

    Are matching scales important to you?

    I prefer if the scales are as closely matched as possible. Which is why I tend to pass on camel bone, and stag scales, unless I get a chance to see the knife I'll receive before hand.
  12. knife_fan

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Carried my Spyderco Delica on a morning hike in the woods.
  13. knife_fan

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    The Sebenza 31 has a ceramic ball that acts like a lockbar insert. Prevents the titanium from contacting the blade
  14. knife_fan

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    A lot of the allure has to do with the hype of the knife. People want to get their hands on one to see if it's as good as people say it is. It also attracted a ton of flippers looking to capitalize on anyone experiencing FOMO. I love the looks of them, but just can't justify spending that much...
  15. knife_fan

    GB2 restock?

    You can't guarantee there is no risk of someone cutting themselves.