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  1. Rescue Mike

    Old(er) school INFI

    I will take #3, the HHFSH my PayPal is [email protected]
  2. Rescue Mike

    Mmmmm . . . . Bacon!!!. . . .

    No regrets! I get pushed away too, just keep shoving!
  3. Rescue Mike

    Mmmmm . . . . Bacon!!!. . . .

    Bacon?!?!?! Did the Boss just say Bacon?!?!? Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! It’s been sooooo long since I’ve bought NEW INFI! Thick cut, with a side of magnum handles please!
  4. Rescue Mike

    Busse Knife Group News

    Stay safe and warm all!
  5. Rescue Mike

    Knob Creek

    Good news, and thank you for your service!
  6. Rescue Mike

    PRICE REDUCTION Busse Duty (Heavy Variant, used)

    I had one of these, and gave it as a gift to my best friend. I miss that knife everyday. I’d hate myself if I let this slip by, so.... Here’s my official “I’ll take it.” PM sent as well.
  7. Rescue Mike

    what knives did you get this year?

    This was a slow year for me, a TGLB in black with black canvas, I got an ASH back that I had traded away, and a Heavy (Active) Duty.. Slow year for me..
  8. Rescue Mike

    Everything sold - thanks!

    PayPal money sent! Thank You!
  9. Rescue Mike

    Just bit the bullet, put an order in for my first Busse! - Update: Shipped 21/11/13!

    Hopefully your first of many! Congrats, and welcome to the addiction!
  10. Rescue Mike

    Everything sold - thanks!

    I am confirming, I'll take the Heavy Duty!
  11. Rescue Mike

    Everything sold - thanks!

    And if you change your mind, or the heavy duty goes back up, I'll take it!
  12. Rescue Mike

    Thoughts--If / When the Busse folder....?

    I have held, and played, (really just a lot of drooling) with a Busse folder. They were great knives! If they come available, I would def buy one. Until that time, I'll carry my other folders, and my HHFSH... Viva La Revolution!
  13. Rescue Mike

    User sale!!!!! B11, FBM, and HOG ASH!!!!!

    Bill, call me! I'll buy that Hog ASH back. 360-771-1042
  14. Rescue Mike

    Where is the folder!!!!

    Got pics too... If I remember the story, there were 5 prototypes made... I got to play with one at last years Blade West..... Seriously sweet! Don't know if it would replace my Jones Bro/Hartsook ODA Folder as my EDC, but i'd buy 1 or 2 for sure!!!
  15. Rescue Mike

    Skinny ASH and Busse 1911 Grips - No FEES

    The Skinny ASH is sold AND shipped!
  16. Rescue Mike

    ZT300 with Vess beltsheath

    Would you seel the sheath separate from the knife... I am interested in the sheath only.
  17. Rescue Mike

    Skinny ASH and Busse 1911 Grips - No FEES

    DONE!! reply sent! The Skinny ASH is SPF!!
  18. Rescue Mike

    Strider SNG FT

    Email Sent!! Let me know!
  19. Rescue Mike

    Skinny ASH and Busse 1911 Grips - No FEES

    OK.... The next Medic School payment is coming up, and with it comes the departure of more INFI.... First "I'll take it" gets it! No trades at this time, unless it's a Strider Folder.... No Paypal fees, and shipping is included in the CONUS, overseas, we split the actual shipping costs...