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  1. J

    What did you rehang today?

    Second time for pictures
  2. J

    What did you rehang today?

    1 1/2 lb on 15 inch handle.Has a H stamped on it and convex cheeks maybe Harold if I remember right.
  3. J

    Best axe/axe steel?

    Keep away from them plumb victory’s and Vaughn’s they are butter soft.
  4. J

    Recommendation? Choke up metal hatchet

    Doesn’t that woox brand have synthetic handles?Thought I looked at the axe 42 blades made for them and saw plastic handles on some of their stuff.
  5. J

    Recommendation? Choke up metal hatchet

    Fiskars like g3 said.For the budget you have a flying fox a fiskars and a can of spray paint still have some left over.Over strike protection is not gonna be comfortable and useful.Best to practice enough you hit what your aiming at.
  6. J

    Recommendation? Choke up metal hatchet

    Wowser,lead a horse to water.
  7. J

    Hatchet ID? : YOU GUYS ROCK BTW.

    Have only used steel wheels and never had a problem,don’t get in a hurry.
  8. J

    Rarest axe ever made?

    Love them Hoosiers and that pioneer is beautiful thanks for posting that
  9. J

    man vs. cottonwood

    Bet it didn’t take him all that long,probably never even broke a bead puffing on his pipe the whole time.
  10. J

    F H C.o.

    Look for a hardware outfit with those initials.I have an old plumb with a diamond mark like that one
  11. J

    Small hammers always give me trouble

    Construction adhesive has been working good for me.Been useing T88
  12. J

    Axe head styles?

    Did you make a fortune on the garands?Been looking local for a little while and a spare parts rifle was over 1k.
  13. J

    Ok here goes!

    Did you notice if the steel was harder on the poll of the wierd boys axe than the poll of the plumb?Got some pretty large chips knocked off of it,wonder if Mr.Martin was right about being a type of rafter.Toe is ground back looks like and maybe a drift pin at one time.That plumb is in good shape...
  14. J

    Off Topic Early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 wishes

    Don’t sweat the petty stuff,it’ better with you around here,try and pet the sweaty stuff yeah there’s not to many cool places left
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    Beverages and Axes, Hatchets and Hawks

    Getting this together for a Guatemalan lezbann
  16. J

    Opinions on this axe

    Thats not the original handle but its worth a hundred for sure thats a sweet axe.
  17. J

    Favorite Axe/Hatchet Internet Personality?

    Ashley Vido is the best I would think,barefoot axe girl being the best axxxe video.
  18. J

    Craftsman stamps

    The craftsman heads with M E stamped on them are worth keeping not the best for splitting or chopping but for brush they aren’t bad think there from 70s 80s closest your gonna get to a Maine wedge without spending a lot.Thats a sweet axe you got there,love them old craftsmans.