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    Is Knifeworks a reputable dealer?

    An opt code is sent to your email or mobile phone and it's a one time password. It can't be used any more than one purchase. This is for you to enter. An authorization code is for the seller to entered in their pos system and has to be given by the bank to you directly by calling their...
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    eBay Manipulation

    Ebay sucks and shows you what they want you to find not what you want to find. Their search is the worse I have ever dealt with. The algorithms are so manipulating and tightly controlled so that people can be funneled however ebay wishes. I don't recommend them at all. And that's just 1 of a...
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    Is Knifeworks a reputable dealer?

    I dont see them asking for a password. They are asking for an authorization code. This is common with high risk transactions.
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    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    I bought a bear grylls Gerber knife...which isn't thst bad in itself..what was bad was it turned out to be a fake. I guess 4 dollars was to good to be true. A fake...of all the knives I'd end up having a fake its that one lol I still use it though haha
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    Do you have any dealbreakers?

    I hate metal handles
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    Kershaw launch 6 thoughts?

    I have one and dislike the side open. I see no point if you have to manually close it..defeats the purpose
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    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    I'm poor lol so far only a cub scout folder..I like the looks of it plus it was a good deal. My to buy list is ability to buy list is itsy bitsy
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    Recommendation? Good EDC under $60?

    For flippers at your price and decent quality it's going to be Kershaw. They have some really good options. The kershaw leek is amazing and made in USA I'm pretty sure. Crkt have some options as well
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    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    Your dog is like stop showing off and keep moving 😆
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Thanks all! Those premium ones really do look nice and don't break the bank
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Hi all, I read on another thread that Rough Rider is putting out some quality stuff at their low price points. I was wondering which ones would these be? I looked around at SMKW and didn't really see anything except maybe the t10 carbon steel actually not sure if t10 is good or not
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    California legal folding sword!

    Legal is a fine line even with little knives. Take the poor fellow who was arrested for having a Swiss army knife. Sucks
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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    Microtech otf...stupid knife laws
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    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    Atm mora companion and a sak. I'm always looking to replace the mora though.
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    How To Pull plug on paid/cable TV in 2021?

    Try Pluto tv and peacock. Both are free and have live TV or on demand. They have commercials but not as many as normal TV. These two options can fill the gap really nice. Pluto is CBS and Peacock is NBC
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    Legendary Boker Quality, what a joke

    I always thought Boker was a white label brand..putting their name on generic knives. I guess I was wrong but I can't shake the feeling.
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    Bought My Wife a Knife

    I tried that with a friend. They said why did I get them a knife they forget they even have it. But I imagine one may come in use who knows. In the end..I think if you are going to do that..give it with something else
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    Lets talk GEC!

    I've been looking at gec..they are really nice. I was do I get a new one? The website and blog is not very clear. I seen new ones came out on the blog but no info on where to sign up for one.
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    And This Is What Started It All - UPDATED

    Well you didn't waste anytime! Amazing collection so far
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    Help identity please

    1933 to 1935 based on the stamp. Got lots of use for sure. Great piece