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    New Cards (S45VN)

    It is seriously a very minute change from s35vn. You’re not going to notice much of a difference. Now the difference between 58hrc and 61hrc will be felt. The edge will be more stable, less prone to blunting, less prone to damage from deformation. The change to 61-62hrc is very welcome IMO...
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    Patiently waiting....

    S45vn is really almost indistinguishable from s35vn to be honest. The composition changes are incredibly minuscule. It is certainly not enough to make one more “chippy” than the other.
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    Blade and Grind on Sebenza 21 vs 31

    Yeah I would like to know as well. I was just told last week that 21 blades were no longer available.
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    Does this look odd?

    I really hate to have to agree with this, but it’s true. I’ve been buying CRK knives since 2010, and I used to be affiliated with one of the largest dealers in the southeast US. I’ve personally handled hundreds of sebenzas and many many Umnumzaans. One thing used to be a certainty, the secondary...
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    Review My Impressions Of The Sebenza 31

    I hate to say it, but that mushrooming of the blade where the ball falls off the tang is concerning. Seems like a lot of deformation on the blade that i don’t see on my 25’s and umnumzaans. Odd.
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    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I have owned both the large and small 31. Had to send the large back (not related to lock flex). However size does not appear to matter, at least not in my case. My small 31 and my large 31 both flexed pretty easily. Compared to my numerous 21’s that barely budge at all even with much more...
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    Benchmade 940-1/531 ** KNIVES SOLD**

    Can you please take a top down shot of the 940 and send it to me? [email protected] Very interested. Thanks brother!
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    Any 31s left?

    True north knives has one with silver lug. I’ve been looking as well, but I prefer blue lug. Hopefully some dealers get a batch soon.
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    I sincerely hope you’re right brother. Still no movement today. I’m trying to stay positive but not exactly confident at this point.
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    Welp I should have just left it alone. I decided I’d send the knife back to the dealer as they would be getting a large shipment from CRK shortly. Shipped the knife out via USPS priority on Tuesday. It got to my local distribution hub Tuesday night and hasn’t moved ever since. It appears to...
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    Pics of Well Worn/Weathered CRK's ONLY!

    Ohh this thread is perfect for me! This is saving my spot for tomorrow when I can snap some pics. Many of my CRKs are super worn and scratched. But they look great in my opinion. Pics coming!
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    Thank you for the link and info. I’ll give them a ring first thing in the morning.
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    Cool, thanks for chiming in. Does anyone know if they’re manning the phones? Will probably give them a ring if so.
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    I hardly think I’m “bitching and moaning” but I’m aware that fanboys will see any negative attention as an affront to their sensibilities. I’m not even sure CRK is answering phones because of the pandemic. I will need to find out if they’re even there. I’d like to speak to them to see what...
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    Could be an option but I’m not super confident that they’d replace the blade. They might just hog off some steel and send it back. So I’m not quite sure I want to risk that, because then I can’t return it. If I had some type of assurance from CRK that the blade would be replaced then it could...
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    I understand that things happen....but.

    CRK, please don’t let things like this leave the factory. I have bought over 30 CRK knives since I first got into the brand back in 2011. I love CRK, but this isn’t the first time I’ve run into this and it’s a bummer. Been waiting to snag a large 31 for some time now. Finally got one and it...
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    Large Sebenza 21 Came As Dull AS A Butter Knife?

    I have found that "extremely sharp" is very subjective. I have bought literally 30+ CRK knives in the last decade, and the times I have gotten one that I consider sharp could be counted on one hand. The way the factory sharpens simply leaves the edge rounded over and lacking aggression IMO. I...
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    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I have to exert a large amount of pressure to get my Unum to budge. Built on March 17 of this year. My small 31, built the next day, will budge with very light pressure and moves more than the umnumzaan. There is definitely something slightly different about the 31’s in this regard. Still...
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    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    My small plain 31 came in today. My new Umnum came yesterday. To be completely honest, I can flex the small 31 MUCH easier than any of my other CRK knives, some dating back to 2011. I compared the 31 directly to each of my CRK knives, and while I can get *some* flex from all of them if I use...
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    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    So I purchased a large and small 31 this week. Saw the video posted earlier in the thread yesterday and canceled my order for the large. The small had already shipped. Small 31 should be here Saturday. New umnumzaan should be here today. I’ll check and compare them both when I can. Last...