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    Behring Made Scagel

    SOLD. Thank you.
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    Behring Made Scagel

    SOLD -Behring Made Pocket Sized Scagel with belt sheath. Lightly used. In great shape and Sharp! O1 Steel - Previous owner gave it a forced patina. New this is $350. I am asking $230 PayPal G&S. CONUS shipping included. SOLD
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    Young Bert, yard prey. #4

    Great story. I could have used YB on my pheasant hunt today. All I had was my 13 year old son beating the bushes and he is not a good hunting dog.
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 11/20/20 (Early Preview)

    The Desert Ironwood on the Bear Cub is amazing. If I was in the game this week, that would be the one. Good luck to all.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    I will take the Cummings Bladeworks Bushmaster if still for sale
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    Well I’m sick

    Hey Bob - Sorry to hear. I hope you feel better soon.
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    WAS Knives Flea Market

    Priced reduced on the Nomad #320
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 7/31/20

    What Choppa and others have said.....I think the Abyss Shokwood on the Snowbill is way cool, but the BH and Duke are freaking works of art. I am not in the hunt this week, so congrats in advance to whoever scores anyone in this lineup.
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    Tony Mont - Bob Loveless inspired san mai hunter

    New - never used. Asking $140 PayPal (G&S). SOLD Nice thick sheath from Tony included. CONUS shipping included. From Tony's original post: Steel: San mai O2 core with mild steel cladding. Handle: Black micarta bolsters with bubinga scales and carbon fiber pins. Dimensions: Overall...
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    WAS Knives Flea Market

    SOLD W.A. Surls Nomad. A2. Stag w/ black liners. Tapered Tang. Sheath included. I am not the first owner. The knife has been used, although it is in great condition. $155 PayPal (F&F) or $160 PayPal (G&S). CONUS Shipping included
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    Dylan Grace - Pocket Defender

    For Sale: Dylan Grace (dgbladeco) - Pocket Defender New - Carried in pocket one time Made from Forged O2 steel. Around 5/32" thick. Handle is 4000 year old Irish bog oak with carbon fiber liner. Asking $185 CONUS Shipping included. PM me for PayPal (G&S) address.
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    * WAS Wednesday 07/29/2020

    Thank you sir. This one checks all the boxes for me. Made by Allen! Loveless pattern! Stag! Copper! Tapered Tang! CPM154! I couldn't find a reason not to buy it.
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    * WAS Wednesday 07/29/2020

    I’ll take the Loveless pattern mini utility with copper guard and hardware, sambar stag. Please.
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    *WAS Wednesday BLADE Show edition 1 7/22/20

    I'm a little late to the party, but what an unbelievable line-up. I am really digging that stag hunter.
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 7/24/20 (Early Preview)

    Another great Friday lineup, but that Drop Point Renegade and Stormy Night Recluse - just Wow!
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    Bob Loveless insired san mai hunter-SOLD

    I just received this knife, and I am very impressed. Nice clean lines on this loveless inspired drop Hunter. I can tell Tony really put time into making this knife. I'm also impressed with the sheath and the thickness of the leather. Great communication all around with Tony as well. This is...
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 6/19/20 (Early Preview)

    Impossible to pick a favorite out of this batch - too many great knives. Although if I had to choose it would have to be the .......
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    For the love of Blueberry, Brisket Rub, Tsunami, and Starry Night

    I am really digging those Blueberry Burlap scales. Since you asked here is a pick of my Starry Nights..