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  1. Riz!

    3V Hatchet?

  2. Riz!

    Spyderco Ti Military $210

    Second one is sold.
  3. Riz!

    Finally got a grail!!!!!

    My favorite Millie! I had two. I frankenmillied one and took the DLC M4 blade and hardware and black clip and put it in/on that CF/Ti handle and its awesome.
  4. Riz!

    Ya ever get that one?

    EVER GET ONE THAT JUST SURPRISES YOU??? I love the Lionsteel CK 01. I have a Dom and a Shuffler (damasteel) and they are fantastic. I discovered that now there is a slim version with titanium handles and no liners. Well I jumped on it and friggen love it. I have lots of knives, many...
  5. Riz!

    Blade Length Question

    I would have preferred they just kept the same blade shape as the model 1 and added a curved bit and hammer poll. A similar shape to a cold steel trail hawk
  6. Riz!

    Blade Length Question

    Hey @RedWolf4 ATC released a photo of their hammer polled version... check it out
  7. Riz!

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    Yeah ive been eyeballing it for months! Joe Biden bought it for me! HahahahahahH. I hope he forgets and buys me another.
  8. Riz!

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    A sad day! No knife to carry! I flew to visit friends for the week and used only carry on! I feel naked without a pocket knife!! It sucks.
  9. Riz!

    Blade Length Question

    The handle definitely doesnt feel like a hickory handle. It has a little flex that you will probably notice the first time you use it but after a little time in hand its a non issue. The connection between handle and head is rock solid. In fact, its so solid that I took the bolt out and...
  10. Riz!

    The TRADITIONAL sunday picture show!!!!

    that gunstock is just beautiful!
  11. Riz!

    Stockman Sunday picture show

    chestnut bone is in the center. The black is ebony and the damascus bladed one is brown bone.
  12. Riz!

    Trifecta of Traditionals

    This fits here!!
  13. Riz!

    Stockman Sunday picture show

    I went on a knife selling spree. Sold 9 or so various knives, bought these with the proceeds and put away the rest of the cash. Ive been slowly downsizing my collection and replacing quantity with quality.
  14. Riz!

    Stockman Sunday picture show

    As my lovely Latina wife would say “Mis amores!”
  15. Riz!

    Blade Length Question

    Forgot to say that gideonstactical review of that hawk doesnt do it justice. I do like and often watch his reviews and for knives I think he knows his stuff pretty well. But when watching his reviews of hatchets, axes, and hawks, I have kind of come to the conclusion that he doesnt use one...