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    Show us your Randalls

    looks more like G10 in the old tenite color
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    5-6 Rebuild

    "Steve, I use JB Weld brand epoxy, never had any drama with it yet." Thanks, good to know. -Steve
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    5-6 Rebuild

    Which epoxy do you use? I have heard that G/flex 650 (by West System) is the best one for knife use. They call it a "toughened epoxy" and say it "will absorb the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock, and vibration." -Steve
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    Which Diver's Knife to get?

    Why not get the exact knife you want, then have a sheath made for it? Assuming Sullivan's still makes sheaths to order, discuss the sheath with them and send them your Randall knife. Then, for a reasonable price, you will have the exact knife you want in the exact sheath you want, made to fit...
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    Model 14 Attack with the Model 16's hilt?

    It is NOT "real ivory." It is "white lineal ivory Micarta" that I bought years ago, already sized and slotted for a Randall knife. You are correct--Randall stopped putting ivory handles on their knives some time ago. [here:] -Steve
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    Some basic infomration about RMK?

    I've been buying Randall Made Knives for nearly 60 years [bought my first knife from them in 1963] and have been totally happy with all dealings with the Randall people. -Steve
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    Model 14 Attack with the Model 16's hilt?

    There is no "technical reason" for the Model 14 and Model 15 hilts. In fact, other hilts are available for either knife. I chose to have a single nickel-silver hilt on my Model 15. As best I can remember, I wasn't charged extra for the hilt shape (only for the fact that it is nickel-silver)...
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    Randall Sheath #4-6" Fighter

    All of my earliest Models 14, 15, and 12-9 sheaths have their keeper straps on the "sharp" side. On more recent ones the strap is reversed. Someone once told me that the location was reversed for knives with double hilts so that the keeper strap is on the least sharp side. This is to lessen the...
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    help me and a freind identify this one. Please

    Randall Model 14 with black Micarta handle and carbon steel blade, circa 1969-1972 if sheath and stone are original.
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    Randal 7 with a 6 3/4" blade?

    The Model 22 handle is described by Randall as “Nickel silver hilt. Duralumin ‘crow’s beak’ butt cap.” (picture at -Steve
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    Randal 7 with a 6 3/4" blade?

    It’s a Randall Model 1 – "All Purpose Fighting Knife" with 7 inch blade and the option of a "#22 handle with crow's beak butt cap." Appears to be from 1998-1999, based on the brown stitching. Because almost all Randall Made Knives have forged blades, the final steel thickness is always less than...
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    Old Randall Stag Handle Question

    I will be passing on this one. Sorry I won't be there to say hello. -Steve
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    Old Randall Stag Handle Question

    OOPS. Mitchell, I may have stepped on your answer--sorry! -Steve
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    Old Randall Stag Handle Question

    The 1939 to 1942 catalog described stag as “fancy stag.” The 1942 to 1945 catalog described it as “decorated stag.” The 1945 to 1948 catalog described it as “stag horn (imported from India).” Since then the catalog has described stag as “genuine imported stag.” Sambar stag from India is commonly...
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    Randall Blasphemy

    You are right, of course, but sometimes there is a downside: I once decided that I could put a better blade profile on my Sebenza than Chris Reeve does. I went ahead, found that whatever I did, I never got the improvement I was looking for--so I sent the knife back to have a new blade installed...
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    New Randall, Name the model

    A great knife! Here's mine:
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    Randall made ?'s

    There are MANY imitation/counterfeit/fake Randall-stamped knives out there, often made in Eastern Europe. Some are even partially from the Randall shop. (Blades stolen some time ago and then finished, often poorly, by non-Randall workers.) The knife shown is NOT Randall quality. -Steve
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    my first Randall

    Model #8 blade is 3/16 inch; Model #23 blade is 1/4 inch. Picture of 2 Model 8 and 1 Model 23 for comparison: -Steve
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    Help date a couple of older Randalls

    Models 2 and 5. Made in 1950's. Absolutely terrific knives! -Steve