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  1. resinguy

    Scrap Yard Sword!!! . . . . Killer Cool!!!!

    So maybe it a long knife, not really a sword. That not right or wrong, simply descriptive. I do like the narrow CBT, like the CG FBM. Better looking, to me eye, than the wide CBT of late.
  2. resinguy

    Scrap Yard Sword!!! . . . . Killer Cool!!!!

    IMHO that is on the thick side. A narrow thicker blade wont have optimal sword edge geometry. You get a sword-like-object. See OG Ruck and Swamp Waki. Both needed to be reworked. Since I didn't want to do that to my AK-47, it was sold. It would be interesting to know what variables of...
  3. resinguy

    Scrap Yard Sword!!! . . . . Killer Cool!!!!

    I already have an OG Busse Ruck, an SR Waki (both with modified edge geometry) and more user choppers than any otherwise reasonable person can possibly need/want/justify. Having said all that, this looks pretty cool.
  4. resinguy

    Scrap Yard Sword!!! . . . . Killer Cool!!!!

    To some degree pricing is influenced by cost of raw materials and production efficiency. Clearly not true for purely luxury goods. Jerry just informed us of the expansion in tooling, and presumably, capacity. He certainly has years of data on price elasticity to help set a price point that...
  5. resinguy

    Scrap Yard Sword!!! . . . . Killer Cool!!!!

    where are the specs and pricing?????
  6. resinguy

    Swamp rat ? Busse?

    Plain mineral oil or Ballistol, both are food safe.
  7. resinguy

    What Has Been Happening At The Busse Knife Shop? . . . . .

    Congratulations on your success and growth! You didn't give the date for the Shop Tour/Open House BBQ Beer Bash, though. No worries, you can edit the original post.
  8. resinguy

    Dumpster Dan is the Man! ( drop point pic heavy, with stonewashed finish update)

    Looks familiar. resinwife's sister and husband used live just off Camino Tassajara, east of Blackhawk Plaza. I never really had a chance to explore/hike the area except for walking up the ridgeline above their development, under the power lines. The dry brown is just so different from NE...
  9. resinguy

    Busse Tracker?

    IMHO it is not Jerry's style to make obvious homage to any other famous design. He is perfectly comfortable with his own drunken designs.
  10. resinguy

    Picked up a stripper, needs work?

    Were you known by a different forum name in the past?
  11. resinguy

    The MOAB?

    The return of OinkOver! It must be the spring thaw in Minnasocold, as Drew comes out of hibernation for a post or two, before ghosting again. :rolleyes:
  12. resinguy

    Sterile blade...genuine or not?

    You will want to take it to the Trade forum before the Mods become unhappy. Good luck!
  13. resinguy

    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    Tough places? You live in the flattest part of Ohio. 🙄 Highway overpasses are big hills out there!
  14. resinguy

    Sterile blade...genuine or not?

    What he said. I'll go $300
  15. resinguy

    Alert!!! . . . Amy Is Out Wandering The Cornfields Of Fulton County!!!! . . . .

    So ...... you're saying that Amy is burying a Nuclear Payload of 'Ganza baldes in cornfield and more clues will be forthcoming? I'm borrowing a metal detector and am only 2.5 hours away. Perfect.
  16. resinguy

    May Day! . . . May Day! . . . The 2021 "Knife-A-Day In May" Offer Is Here!!!

    For newbies unsure about Elmax: A few years ago a member posted that he got an Elmax steak knife and took it down to WV where his kin run a deer processing business. They were all amazed at how long the edge held.
  17. resinguy

    May Day! . . . May Day! . . . The 2021 "Knife-A-Day In May" Offer Is Here!!!

    Oh man, be still my beating heart. Magnacut by Busse!!!
  18. resinguy

    SliceOganzaaaa!!! . . . Wicked Thin Custom EDCs. . .Sunday, 4-18-2021 at 9:00 pm Eastern!!!

    Oooh baby, you know I like them thin. Just don't like them all fancy and well dressed. Too expensive. And being hard is always good. So, Jerry, how about a hard working version of these, to be enjoyed all day? 4" drop point, utilitarian handle of micarta or Res C. We are talking knives, right?
  19. resinguy

    Which Busse?

    Late convert to Judaism? ;) It's threads like this where I really miss tonyG and Cobalt. :D